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    they hate it, we love it - baby girl Apple

    My fiancé and I are absolutely stuck on girls names. We agree the name should be unique without being too strange. my first choice was Porcelina Opal, NN "Poppy" after a smashing pumpkins song, but that was vetoed immediately as he thinks it's a stripper name.

    Long story short, we have only agreed on one name we both love:

    Apple Lucille Rowe

    Our families hate it, we love it, and we're honestly stumped at any other ideas. Lucille was my grandmother's middle name, so we think we should use it if at all possible.

    But I need opinions...are people going to think we are tree huggers, ipad junkies, or gwenyth Paltrow superfans? Help!!!

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    If I met parents of an Apple, I wouldn't think they were tree huggers, but I would think they were either big fans of Apple or Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin superfans.

    I'm afraid Apple doesn't work as a first name for me. I know people will say that Clementine is a fruit name, but there's a HUGE difference there, and that's the fact Clementine was a given name before it became the name of a fruit.

    I've always thought a good alternative to Apple, is the name Pomona, which means "fruit tree." Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit trees and it's from her name the French word for Apple (pomme) came from. I could picture a little Pomona who was nicknamed "Apple" and I certainly think Pomona is better as a first name.

    (Yes, I know, Pomona is a town in California... but it was a first name before being a place name... so I don't count it as an out and out place name).
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    First, if you love it, do it!
    Second, I think it goes with the recent trends. For example, Clementine & Olive. I also like that your mixing a newer name with a traditional, family-honoring middle. Once your baby is born, your family will forget about the name and just enjoy her.

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    I like Apple! I also adore apple trees and apples are delicious - the reason Gwyn wanted it for her daughter was the wholesomeness, sweetness and wisdom of the apple. How cute is that? And Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing, I love her. I never think of apple the company when I hear Apple; I think of the fruit, the trees, apple jam, apple cake, apple bread, the most wisdomous fruit. I think you should go for it, never let your family sway you from the name you love.

    If you want something else, there's Pomona as Maggie said, or Pomeline or Apolline.
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    I think of Gwyneth straight away. Appolonia is very nice and you could call her Apple.

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