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    I would go with Chloe Giselle.
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    Chloe Giselle: 9/10 Love this one. I have a soft spot for both names
    Chloe Sabrina: 8/10 I like this one too, but not as much as the one above.
    Claire Giselle: 7/10 I like it.
    Sabrina Brooke: 6/10 Not a big fan of Brooke.
    Sabrina Claire: 7/10 Cute.
    Sabrina Giselle: 9/10 Love
    Sabrina June: 9/10 Love
    Cecily Claire: 5/10 I have a friend named Cecily, and surprisingly, people botch up the pronunciation all the time. Just something to think about.
    Cecily June: 6/10 ^ But I love June!
    Lena Cecily: 6/10 I like Lena

    I love Chloe, Giselle, Sabrina, and June. Good luck!!

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    I really like Chloe Giselle and it works well with Jocelyn Noelle, so I say go for it even if the fn is somewhat popular.

    Some other suggestions that are somewhat similar: Cleo Giselle, Clea Giselle, Clara Giselle, Phoebe Giselle, Cassandra Giselle, Coralie Ghislaine, Camille Ghislaine, Corrine Giselle, Claudia Giselle, Colette Ghislaine, Linnea Giselle, Constance Giselle

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    Sabrina Claire
    Sabrina is so pretty and underused
    Jocelyn and Sabrina make a cute sibset

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    I like Sabrina more than Chloe for a sibset with your other daughter's name. Sabrina and jocelyn are a very nice pairing. I agree if Chloe wasn't as popular, (like if we were writing this ten years ago) I'd like it as well... But jocelyn is a familiar yet not overdone name, and so is Sabrina.

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