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    I'd also like to say...I might give my children a very small allowance, but generally, their chores will be in order to earn privileges (which may include monetary benefits). If they complete their chores, they'll be earning things such as my paying for lessons/clubs/etc. they want to attend, money to go to movies with a friend or some spending money for the mall or eating out, etc.
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    Well my parents tried to give us chores but it never worked we just had to clean up after ourselves, put our plates in the dishwasher and do other things when asked.
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    I have been washing dishes since my mom bought me a stool so I could reach the sink. My mom added chores as it was age appropriate. We have always been responsible for our rooms and making the bed. I have always had the nightly kitchen clean up and when my mom was sure I wouldn't burn the house down, cooking as well. By age 10ish my brother and I did all the laundry in the house. It was equal opportunity chores. I did just as much yard work and taking out the trash as cooking and dishes and my brother as well. (Well, minus the cooking for the bro- he WOULD burn the house down)

    I hated it as a child, but I appreciate it now. My brother and I can keep house. At the end of the day, everyone has to live somewhere so I feel it is very important to give children chores to do.
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    My kids have " can you do this" (occasional) chores as well as daily chores. We also have "extra" chores. I believe that they can help out around here, however, I also believe that they are kids and their "job' should be to learn and grow and not be stuck doing too many chores. Its a balance, and will always be a balance that we try to work on. I grew up doing *too much* (my father was in medical school when I was in high school and my mom worked full time as a nurse so I had to do a *lot* as the oldest, more than I should have had to do) and my DH grew up doing next to nothing, so we have had to figure out what to do as we both had different ideas and upbringings on chores, cleaning and what not.

    We are in between house cleaners right now (before, she came every week and mopped the floors, and did "deep cleaning" type of stuff...we live in a 4,000 square foot house with hardwood floors, lots of floors!) so there are a lot more "extra" chores until we hire a new one, lol. My kids also get paid accordingly, and know there are no screens (computer, DS, tv etc) until they do whatever it is that I asked them to do. Vio's daily chore is picking up all the shoes around the house and putting them in the shoe holder by the front door. Seb's is taking out all the trash and recycling and putting new bags where they need to be. So as you can see, age appropriate. I think kids need to learn how a house runs and feel the satisfaction in knowing they help it to run. But, its a fine line of not having them do *everything* or even too much, that is my job, DH's job and our housecleaners job.
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    I'll agree with what some of the others have said, that it depends on the age of the child. Leo is not quite two, and quite likes to "help", which we encourage. Eg, after dinner he likes to carry the dirty dishes to Daddy to be put into the dishwasher. I get him to help me put his toys away, and put his dirty clothes in his laundry basket. The other day I was folding washing and he thought it would be fun to dismantle the neat stacks i'd made, so I showed him which drawer his clean socks went in and he spent a good while putting his socks away one pair at a time. Until he got bored and went off to play with his toys instead!

    As for chores = pocket money....its not something I've thought about much at this stage. We were never given pocket money as kids in exchange for household chores. General household help with chores is more of an expectation, I want my kids to learn to contribute by doing basic things like, picking toys, light cleaning etc, and to not expect to be paid.
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