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    Baby Name Zahava

    What do you think of Zahava Rose as a name for a baby girl? Should I go with a different middle name?
    Zahava is Hebrew for "Golden."

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    Zahava is very pretty!

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    Very pretty! One thing: I can see this name being misread/misheard at times as the somewhat more familiar Zahara. But I think it's a lovely name worth much consideration and I think Rose is very pretty as the middle. I think you could go a lot of different directions with the middle though if you decide Rose isn't for you.

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    It's pretty. It's part of my mom's religious name but she doesn't use it in English. I think it is pretty nice. It's reminscent, in sound, of Zahara, which is reasonably current (sort of).

    I have seen it spelt Zehava, too, which looks pleasant and smooth to me.

    Rose doesn't excite me at all, but it's hardly problematic. I would use it if it were a family name but not for no reason.

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