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    Which of these names do you like?

    Having more or less finalised my boy name of choice (for now!), I'm turning my attention back to our girls' list.

    Middle names might be: Jane, Quinn, Josephine. Some of our first name possibilities might be possible middles as well.

    Florence "Florrie"
    Mila (I'm not sure about this one, but DH likes it. I think I might be interested in longer names with Mila as a nickname)
    Hermione (again, this is a DH pick. I kind of like it, but I'm not sure. I'm not actually bothered by the Harry Potter association so much as... it's hard to explain, but I'd want to read HP to my kid, and I feel like the unusual names are sort of part of the magic, if that makes sense... so what if the kid doesn't have the same reading experience because she shares the name? idk, maybe I'm weird. I'd probably call her Minnie for short if we went with this)
    Hilda (no real chance of DH agreeing to this, but I like it)
    Cassandra "Cassie"

    Would love both opinions on these names and ideas for names that I might like based on these

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    Elizabeth, Cordelia, Florence and Hermione are fabulous names :-)

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