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Thread: Alan or Aidan

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    I am so sick of hearing Aidan and everything that rhymes with it that I can't even appreciate its history anymore. Definitely Alan. I know an Alan in his late teens and an Allen who's about seven or eight, and it wears very well on both of them. It only feels grandpa-ish until you meet a young man with the name.

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    Aidan! Alan is okay, but it makes me think of Two and a Half Men (and I find nothing of merit in that show at all. ugh.). While I'm not Catholic, I appreciate the saint connection. After all, even if saints don't mean so much to me, they certainly led inspiring lives of faith and most did at least something good for the spreading of God to the world. Although I'm not sure if you see it the same way, being a Jew rather than just a different denomination of Christianity.

    I've loved Aidan ever since I heard the Gosselins use it--I remember being enamored by them when I was a teenager, because Jon's dad was my dentist as a child. So much so that I dubbed my guardian angel Aidan. I figured it was unisex enough for an angel, and the meaning "little fire" was a pretty apt description of what an angel's job was, being a "little fire" for God, to warm and guide His children. I figured God had already given my guardian angel a name, but He could update me on that when I got to heaven, lol.

    And that just makes me love Aidan all the more! It really is a lovely name with lots of history, the only thing wrong with it is the rabid use of Aidan and its variants (and all the depressing names that rhyme with it!).
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    Mostly the saint thing is relevant to me because I prefer names that have a certain amount of history and weight to them. It wasn't a name coined yesterday, if you know what I mean. I like that it dates to the 700s CE. I also remember spending a lot of time in that church as a kid and it was a nice and welcoming place even to people who weren't in the congregation at all. And, lastly, Aidan was an Irish saint particularly, and I am intermarried to a man of Irish heritage who is all about Irish names. I guess its the patina of antiquity I like, that removes it from the Jayden/Kayden/Zayden thing for me?

    I associate Alan with Robin Hood legend and assorted bits of Gaelic swords-and-sorcery fiction I've read. I like that it feels Irish (to me at least) but not surname-ish or trendy. It isn't a modern name either. I'm not sure if a young boy would mind trendiness or old-fashionedness more.

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    I prefer Alan. It's not a name I'd personally use, but it definitely is a very unpretentious, down-to-earth kinda name, which is nice.

    Aidan is a name that I probably would like if i just hadn't heard it so often (I live in China, and don't come in contact with that many young American kids, but nonetheless still have met a lot of Aidan's. I hosted a student group of about 20 US middle-school/high-school students last summer, 2 of them were Aidan. One of my neighbors (from the US) has a kid named Aidan. Three of my Chinese university students gave themselves the English name Aidan. And I've met a few others here and there.)
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    Alan is my 60 year old father's name, so it would freak me out a little to hear it on a child! Aiden is just too popular for me, though.
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