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Thread: Alan or Aidan

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    Alan or Aidan

    Both are Gaelic A names but one is a bit of a granddad name and the other a "too popular" choice.

    I like both, for different reasons.

    Nameberry, which one floats better? I've got a couple more A names I really like but these two are so close that I just want to compare them head-to-head.

    Alan is not even popular amongst the vintage-lovers, who seem to favour Alfred. It is calm and unadorned. I like this spelling best. It feels relaxed and unpretentious. Is it too crusty or just underused?

    Aidan is youthful and vibrant while still having a history. I have fond childhood memories of a friends' church, that was St. Aidan's. I like this spelling best. I like that it has a fiery meaning but not a pointy sound. I don't know how to feel about its popularity.

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    Even though Aidan is a perfectly fine name, I've heard it so many times that I'm completely sick of it. Out of all the boy's birth announcements I've heard in like the past half of a year, a little more than half of them have been Aidans or ending in an "aiden" sound (there was a Caden). So my vote goes for Alan, which is a nice, simple, never-trendy, handsome name.

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    I've always liked the name Alan. As a rule, I don't really like Al- names, and especially not Alfred. But I like Alan. I think I like the spelling Allan best.

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    Alan is definitely not "too crusty". LOL! I think vintage-lovers just tend to want something fancier. Alan sounds calm yet strong to me. I like it.

    I actually really love the name Aidan, too, aside from the fact that it has become so popular and overused. I like the fact that you want to use it because of a personal connection you have with the name and not just that "it sounds cool."

    I can see why you're having a hard time deciding! I voted for Alan just because it would be refreshing to hear a less trendy name, but I think meaning is important when naming your children. If you have a strong connection with Aidan, by all means use it. I don't think it's right for people to abandon their favorite names just because they become popular.

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    Aidan is beautiful, but to be frank, I'm sick of hearing it. It just doesn't feel special anymore. I work in schools, and there are several in every class.

    Alan is definitely vintage/ would put a smile on my face to meet a little Alan - though I have trouble picturing it on a child! Between the two, I'm definitely voting for Alan! He's certainly be the only one in his class.

    What about Alden? Seems like a cross between the sounds of Aidan and Alan, it's super uncommon, and is a little old-manish.

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