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Thread: Which one?

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    Adelaide/Adair = Adair sounds too masculine to me, and while I do like the occasional unisex name, I tend to prefer more frilly, feminine names with lots of nickname potential. Hence Adelaide winning out.
    Aria/Aveline = Aria is definitely getting to popular/trendy without the benefit of a cool history. Also, it really bothers me when people use this name and they don't even know what an aria is. So Aveline, definitely.
    Avery/Amory = Avery is one of a handful of unisex names I adore. Amory sounds too much like Armory.
    Beatrix / Bianca = I just do not see the appeal of Beatrix, though it does have some good nickname potential. However, Bianca has been a love since I was a teen, so definitely Bianca.
    Bess / Tess = This one is tough. I like both as nicknames, but I;m not sure about them on their own. Bess is one of my prefered nicknames for Elizabeth, while Tess would be for Tessa or Teresa. I think Tess could hold her own best of the two though, I can't imagine someone with the given name of Bess...
    Coralie/Corinna = Another tough one. I think I would have to go with Coralie. Not real reason on this one - I like both - but Caroline is one of my favorite names of all time and Coralie reminds me of it, so there you go.
    Daphne/Dorah = Daphne all the way. It is sophisticated and fun while Dorah just makes me think of Dora the Explorer.
    Daria/Danica = This one is tough because I don't really like either... but if I had to choose from the two I would say Daria. Sarcastic teen cartoon over female race car driver. Haha.
    Eve/Esther = I find Eve/Eva/Ava to be very over used, and Esther is a lovely old world classic that deserves a comeback.
    Evelyn/Gwendolyn = I like both, but Gwendolyn is a little more unique.
    Farrah/Fern = Hum... another where I really don't care for either. I guess Farrah. Because I don't know. lol.
    Fiona/Faye = Faye is so simple, Fiona is a lovely lilting Irish beauty with a kick ass princess to look up to.
    Geneva/Juniper = Ooo, I kind of like both of these. Geneva is familiar but not over used and Juniper is soft and natural.... I think I prefer Juniper just slightly.
    Heidi/Ingrid = Ingrid is another like Esther - defiitely ready for a comeback. I love the old Hollywood feel. Heidi isn't bad, but I just think of the book and braids.
    Holly/Molly = Well. Holly is a part of my name (Hollyann) and Molly was one of our dog's names. Haha. If I were to name a child one of these... I think I lean Molly slightly, simply because I would never directly name a child after myself.
    Iris/Ivy = Oh, I like both of these, too! Some of these are so hard... I guess I will say Iris since it is far less common than Ivy.
    Lark/Laurel = I like Lark, but for a boy - so Laurel.
    Leona/Linnea = I've never really been a fan of Leona. I just don't like the sounds in it. But I do love the -nea in Linnea. So yes to Linnea.
    Lilith/Moriah = Oh Lilith. Makes me think of the Bible and Fraser. I will go with Moriah, though I'm not a huge fan of that one either.
    Livia/Lyra = Livia looks like you missed the O in Olivia. It has always bothered me. I love Lyra, though, no matter which of the pronunciations is used. It is just so lovely.
    Lucy/Ruby = Ahhh! Why are you doing this to me?? I love both of these. But I guess if I HAVE to choose.... Lucy, because my grammy is Lucille so I have a family connection.
    Magnolia/Marigold = I dislike Marigold, so definitely Magnolia, which is so southern that I want to put on a big hoop skirt and wander sprawling lawns sipping mint juleps under a lace parisol and saying things like "my my my!" haha.
    Naomi /Phoebe = Ugh. I have never like Naomi. It just sounds weird. Phoebe is lovely though!
    Noelle/Nova = Definitely Nova. I just love the sound of it and it's uniqueness. Noelle is okay, but doesn't thrill me.
    Olive/Ramona = Though I write Ramona down everytime I see it, I don't think I actually like the name, lol. I do think Olive is supper cute, though.
    Pearl/Willow = Willow, definitely. It is so soft and natural. Pearl is nice, but still makes me think of little old ladies in nursing homes.
    Petra/Prisca = I have never heard of Prisca and it looks made up to me. I have always liked Petra. I don't know that I'd use it, but I think it is a very cool name.
    Piper/Zarah = I love Piper! Zara (without the H) is one I like, too, but I would give the name Piper to a child, where Zara will just always be stuck on my list of like.
    Sable/Paige = I do not like Sable at all, so therefore Paige.
    Sadie/Sage = Definitely Sadie. Sage is nice, but Sadie is vintage and spunky.
    Tally/Tansy = Tally sounds like a nickname, so Tansy.
    Viola/Vera = Oh I like both of these! Both are so classic and vintagy in their own right. I think if I have to choose, then Vera. I'm into the 20s right now
    Wendy/Winnie = I like Winnie as a nickname for Winifred, but not as a given name. Wendy is wonderful!
    Wren/Quinn = Quinn is sooooo popular right now. Wren is another one that is familiar but still unique, so I chose that one
    Zoe/Penelope = I do not like Zoe on children! To me it is strictly a name for cats, lol. Therefore, Penelope, definitely.
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    Adelaide / Adair - neither really
    Aria / Aveline - Aria. Softer, warmer sounding.
    Avery / Amory - Avery.
    Beatrix / Bianca - Beatrix. adorable. Bianca is okay too.
    Bess / Tess - Tess. Bess sounds like a cow to me.
    Coralie / Corinna - Coralie. Love Corinne though.
    Daphne / Dorah - neither really
    Daria / Danica Daria. Softer, warmer sounding.
    Eve / Esther - neither really.
    Evelyn / Gwendolyn - Gwendolyn. Love Gwen.
    Farrah / Fern - neither. Maybe Farrah because it reminds me of Hannah.
    Fiona / Faye - Fiona. love.
    Geneva / Juniper - Juniper. Don't usually like word names, but this one is nice.
    Heidi / Ingrid - Heidi. more approachable.
    Holly / Molly - Molly. much cuter sounding, imo.
    Iris / Ivy - neither really. Ivy has a slight edge.
    Lark / Laurel - Laurel
    Leona / Linnea - Lenora/Lenore. But of these two, Linnea.
    Lilith / Moriah - Lilith. lighter. Moriah sounds dark, heavy to me.
    Livia / Lyra - Lyra.
    Lucy / Ruby - Ruby. close though
    Magnolia / Marigold - neither
    Naomi / Phoebe - Naomi but much prefer Noemi.
    Noelle / Nova - tie. both are just ok to me
    Olive / Ramona - like both. both are spunky.
    Pearl / Willow - Pearl.
    Petra / Prisca - Petra. but neither is my style.
    Piper / Zarah - Zara (prefer no h)
    Sable / Paige - Paige.
    Sadie / Sage - Sadie.
    Tally / Tansy - neither.
    Viola / Vera - Vera
    Wendy / Winnie - neither
    Wren / Quinn - i like both but as middle names.
    Zoe / Penelope[/QUOTE] - close but, Zoe. My oldest, longest name crush.
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    Beatrix / Bianca - i actually hate both i cant even pick
    Daria / Danica- neither
    Heidi / Ingrid - neither
    Holly / Molly - neither
    Naomi / Phoebe - neither
    Olive / Ramona - neither
    Tally / Tansy - neither
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    Adelaide - Adelaide is one of my favorite names, and I just don't care for Adair. I don't really like the sound of it, and it feels like you're saying 'A Dare' which I just don't love as a name for someone.
    Aveline - This was really tough, as I love both of these names so much. But I said Aveline, because I feel like with Pretty Little Liars and Games of Thrones, if you name your child Aria, you would always have that association. Well at least in my group of friends, I feel like people would think I named her for the show. So yeah, as much as I love Aria, I have to say Aveline.
    Avery - I just do not like Amory. It sounds like the nickname I call my sister Amber, but not a name that I would picture on anyone as a given name.
    Bianca - I can't say I'm crazy about either name, but I really dislike Beatrix. Bianca is cute, and I do like it, it's just not really my style I guess. I don't know why I don't like it really.
    Tess - I can't see Bess on a little girl. Maybe it's because I have never known anyone with this name, but I greatly prefer Tess.
    Coralie - I LOVE Coralie, it's such a great name in my opinion. That is why it was so easy to pick Coralie over Corinna.
    Daphne - I think of shows automatically for both. Daphne to me will always be Scooby Doo, and Dorah is Dora the Explorer, even if it's spelled differently. I do think Dorah is a little more 'oh the explorer?' though, as were Daphne can stand on it's own.
    Danica - Daria is cute too though, just not crazy about it. Danica sounds really good though, even if it's not my personal taste.
    Eve - As much as I love old lady names, Esther just screams old lady to me. Eve is a cute name though, and I could totally see it on a little girl.
    Evelyn - Gwendolyn is amazing too though! I love both of these names, and think they both sound lovely, I just prefer Evelyn.
    Farrah - Farrah is cute, though I just don't like it all that much. But Fern I can't picture on someone at all. Maybe if I knew of a Fern, but I don't.
    Fiona - Faye sounds to much like a nickname to me. Fiona though is cute, and I could see it all the way from little girl to senior.
    Geneva - Everyone sees to love Juniper, but I just don't see the appeal. Geneva on the other hand, I think is kind of cute.
    Heidi - Heidi is such a guilty pleasure name for me! For personal reasons it would be weird to use it though, but I do like it. Ingrid is very different though, and I do not know of any. Other than the one on YouTube.
    Holly - Molly has a personal connection to me, so I just don't care for it for that reason.
    Iris - Another GP name, that I happen to love. Ivy just makes me think of a song, and the Poison, and it's hard for me to like the name.
    Laurel - Honestly, I don't love either. But of the two Laurel is better than Lark in my opinion.
    Leona - Leona is a really cute and sweet sounding name, unlike Linnea which I think I am pronouncing wrong?
    Lilith - Ugh, I am starting to adore the name Lilith, it's just so cute, and not the common Lily or Lillian. So that's why I pick it over Moriah, which I don't love.
    Lyra - Livia is a name I can't say I love, it sounds too incomplete to me. Lyra is not really my style either, but I do like it better than Livia.
    Lucy - I normally forget about Lucy, because it's a family name, but I really need to add it to my list. I'll never use it, but I adore it so much. It's such a cute name. Ruby is cute too, but Lucy is just perfect.
    Magnolia - Probably one of my top 4 GP names is Magnolia. I don't even know why I love it so much. Marigold is another adorable name though, and I love it as well.
    Phoebe - I have loved the name Phoebe ever since I was a little girl. I had a doll with that name, and I thought her name was amazing. (Though I did sometimes get this name confused with Sophie for some odd reason.) Naomi is really not a name I love.
    Noelle - I really dislike both names, but I'm leaning towards liking Noelle a little better than Nova. Nova would be a cute MN though.
    Olive - Ramona just doesn't fit for me. I could see it on people, but just not personally my own kids one day. I'd also never use Olive, but I can see it a little better than Ramona.
    Willow - Willow is a really sweet sounding name to me, Pearl is a little old lady to me. But I do like both a lot.
    Petra - Prisca is really ehh to me, well so is Petra but I guess I like it a little better.
    Piper - Zarah feels like Sarah said and spelt wrong. But Piper is a name I really like.
    Paige - Sable is really not my style at all. Paige is a very common name, but that does not make it bad. I like it.
    Sadie - I do not like Sadie really, for personal reasons. But Sage I see as a boys name. It's really one of my complete favorite BOY names.
    Tansy - I don't like Tansy really, but over Tally I do like it better.
    Vera - Vera is a name I don't think of really, but it's a lovely name. Viola is okay as well though, just Vera is so pretty sounding to me.
    Wendy - Wendy is a very different name now days. The only Wendy I know of is pretty old, so I think it's unique for a little girl now. Winnie makes me think of Pooh Bear, though it's a cute name anyway.
    Wren - I just love Wren/Ren, and think it's such a cute short name. Quinn is okay too.
    Penelope - My family have kind of ruined Zoe for me, but I still think it's cute. Penelope on the other hand is just such an adorable name!
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