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Thread: Which one?

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    Adelaide - I like Adair, but it feels more like middle name material.
    Aveline - Aria has already worn out her welcome, IMO.
    Avery - Amory reminds me too much of Amory Blaine and "armory."
    Beatrix - love Bianca, too.
    Tess - I like Bess as a nickname, but not a standalone.
    Eve - Esther is one of those names I know I should like, but it just feels fusty and cold to me.
    Evelyn - I love Gwen (on its own) and Gwendolen, but Gwendolyn looks wrong to me.
    Fern - So pretty and unjustly neglected.
    Faye - I love Fiona, too.
    Geneva - Not crazy about either one, but Juniper feels cutesy...more like a children's book character than a real person.
    Ingrid - Love Heidi, too.
    Molly - Holly's very nice, though.
    Iris - Sometimes I love Ivy, sometimes I don't, but I'd vote for Iris either way.
    Moriah - Loathe Lilith.
    Lucy - Very tough choice. I love Ruby so much.
    Naomi - I find Phoebe a tad grating.
    Olive - I like Ramona, too.
    Willow - As much as I like Pearl, I think I'd rather be a Willow.
    Petra - Prisca's fab, but I prefer Priscilla.
    Zarah - Piper's okay.
    Paige - A Sable sounds like she should be dancing on a pole somewhere. I just can't embrace it at all.
    Wendy - Wendy works better as a standalone, but Winnie is a cute nickname.
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    Adelaide / Adair- Adelaide... Adair is all boy to me.
    Aria/ Aveline- Aveline, although I actually prefer Eveline, like in the James Joyce poem
    Avery / Amory- Neither.
    Beatrix / Bianca- Beatrix.. love the history...
    Bess/ Tess- Tess as a nn for Teresa
    Coralie/ Corinna- Coralie... just cuter
    Daphne/ Dorah- Daphne... Dora the Explorer
    Daria/ Danica- Daria... Despite the 90s cartoon, I love the meaning (along with Darya).
    Eve/ Esther- Esther... just a soft, cute name...
    Evelyn/ Gwendolyn- Evelyn
    Farrah/ Fern- Fern... I love Farrah, as she was the wife of the Shah of Iran, but it sounds a bit chavy these days...
    Fiona / Faye- Fiona
    Geneva/ Juniper- Geneva... I just see it aging better, although I love Juniper for a mn
    Heidi/ Ingrid- Ingrid... it just feels deeper
    Holly /Molly- Molly... Molly feels jolly and carefree... I have only known angry, disgruntled Hollys.
    Iris/ Ivy- Iris... makes me think of the Goo Goo Dolls' song.
    Lark/ Laurel- Laurel... Lark is a great mn, but a bit too abrupt. Laurel is a vintage gem that I can see coming back in a few years.
    Leona / Linnea- Linnea
    Lilith / Moriah- Lilith... I knew a Moriah who was bit strange.
    Livia / Lyra- Livia... I love the nn Liv
    Lucy / Ruby- Ruby
    Magnolia / Marigold- Marigold
    Naomi / Phoebe- Phoebe
    Noelle / Nova- Nova... one of my fav names.
    Olive / Ramona- Ramona... an underused gem
    Pearl / Willow- Pearl... brings to mind Pearl S. Buck
    Petra / Prisca- Petra... I think of the ruins in Jordan. Spectacular!
    Piper / Zarah- Zara without the h... not big on the unisex thing...
    Sable / Paige- Sable... Paige was done to death...
    Sadie /Sage- Sadie... Sage lacks a feminine edge for me...
    Tally / Tansy- neither... too saccharine.
    Viola / Vera- Vera... LOVE that name!
    Wendy/ Winnie- Wendy... Winnie reminds me of the Pooh, and a completely spoiled rich classmate I had.
    Wren / Quinn- Quinn, but I don't really like either.
    Zoe/ Penelope- Penelope... bad association with Zoe, plus it's very overused
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    Adelaide / Adair - Adelaide
    Aria / Aveline - I don't really like either, I would pick Aveline though because Aria reminds me of the characters from Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones
    Avery / Amory - Avery
    Beatrix / Bianca - Both
    Bess / Tess - Bess
    Coralie / Corinna - Coralie
    Daphne / Dorah - Daphne
    Daria / Danica - Neither
    Eve / Esther - Eve
    Evelyn / Gwendolyn - Evelyn
    Farrah / Fern - Fern
    Fiona / Faye - Neither
    Geneva / Juniper - Geneva
    Heidi / Ingrid - Ingrid
    Holly / Molly - Neither, but if I had to pick, then Holly.
    Iris / Ivy - Ivy
    Lark / Laurel - Laurel
    Leona / Linnea - Linnea
    Lilith / Moriah - Lilith
    Livia / Lyra - Lyra
    Lucy / Ruby - Ruby
    Magnolia / Marigold - Magnolia
    Naomi / Phoebe - Phoebe
    Noelle / Nova - Nova
    Olive / Ramona - Ramona
    Pearl / Willow - Willow
    Petra / Prisca - Petra
    Piper / Zarah - Piper
    Sable / Paige - Sable
    Sadie / Sage - Sage
    Tally / Tansy - Neither
    Viola / Vera - Viola
    Wendy / Winnie - Winnie
    Wren / Quinn - Wren
    Zoe / Penelope - Penelope

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