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    Adelaide / Adair - Adelaide, it's a family name and Adair sounds like a boy. I think of Finnick Odair (I know it's a different name, but they rhyme) from The Hunger Games.
    Aria / Aveline - Aveline, it's just prettier. It sounds like a dainty graceful bird.
    Avery / Amory - Avery, because Amory sounds made up to me.
    Beatrix / Bianca - Beatrix, but I actually like Beatrice much better. Bianca sounds kind of nasal when I say it.
    Bess / Tess - Tess, but I actally like both. Bess is just more likely to be considered a cow name.
    Coralie / Corinna - Corinna, because Coralie sounds a little bit like a nickname or too cutesy for an adult. I actually love Corinne and Coraline.
    Daphne / Dorah - Daphne, but neither is my favorite. I've never seen Dora with an H on the end before.
    Daria / Danica - Daria, because I liked the cartoon! LOL! I'm not actually a fan of either name, but they're both fine for other people.
    Eve / Esther - Eve, Esther still feels a little TOO old-fashioned to me.
    Evelyn / Gwendolyn - Gwendolyn, because I like the nickname Gwen a whole lot. Evelyn is probably more wearable, though.
    Farrah / Fern - Fern, I've just always liked it. Farrah is okay, too, I would just never consider it for my own child, but I have considered Fern.
    Fiona / Faye - Fiona, it's just better. Haha! Faye is okay as a middle name, but I just don't think it's substantial enough to be a first name.
    Geneva / Juniper - Geneva, because I just plain dislike Juniper. Also, my mom grew up in a town called Geneva.
    Heidi / Ingrid - Heidi, because it sounds softer than Ingrid. I honestly like both about equally.
    Holly / Molly - Molly, we considered naming our daughter this. Holly would be a nice middle name for a baby born near Christmas.
    Iris / Ivy - Ivy, I just think it sounds nicer.
    Lark / Laurel - Laurel, because Lark sounds silly to me as a name.
    Leona / Linnea - Linnea, but only because I was given a doll named Linnea when I was little (she was a character in a book). I actually think it's a toss-up.
    Lilith / Moriah - Lilith, because I just don't like Moriah.
    Livia / Lyra - Lyra, it sounds prettier. I like Liv and Olivia much better than just Livia.
    Lucy / Ruby - Lucy, because this is my daughter's middle name (Lucille, actually). I do like Ruby a lot, though!
    Magnolia / Marigold - Magnolia, for the nickname Maggie. I actually think they're both kind of silly.
    Naomi / Phoebe - Phoebe, because I know a little Phoebe nicknamed Bee, which is super cute! Naomi is fine, just not my style.
    Noelle / Nova - Noelle, but only because I don't feel like Nova is really a name. Noelle isn't my cup of tea, either. Another Christmas baby name.
    Olive / Ramona - Ramona, I think it's underused. Olive is nice, but similar to the very popular Olivia.
    Pearl / Willow - Pearl, because it's lovely and Willow is just too hippy-ish.
    Petra / Prisca - Petra, it's a strong name for a girl. Prisca sounds prissy.
    Piper / Zarah - Piper, but if it was Sarah instead of Zarah I would have picked that.
    Sable / Paige - Paige, because I don't consider Sable a name, but really neither.
    Sadie / Sage - Sadie, because Sage is an herb.
    Tally / Tansy - Tally, but really neither. Tally sounds like a tally-mark and Tansy sounds like pansy. They're both terrible.
    Viola / Vera - Vera, but I love Violet. I don't like the -ola sound on the end of Viola.
    Wendy / Winnie - Wendy, because Winnie the Pooh. Both could be cute nicknames, though.
    Wren / Quinn - Quinn, but really I like them both about equally. Neither is my style.
    Zoe / Penelope - Penelope, because I like the nickname Penny. If we ever get chickens, I'm going to name one of them Penelope (Henny Penny).

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