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Thread: Which one?

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    Which one?

    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    Adelaide / Adair - Adelaide
    Aria / Aveline - neutral
    Avery / Amory - Avery (makes me think of a bird avery!)
    Beatrix / Bianca - Bianca
    Bess / Tess - Tess
    Coralie / Corinna - Always loved Coralie
    Daphne / Dorah - neither really
    Daria / Danica - again neither really
    Eve / Esther - Eve
    Evelyn / Gwendolyn - Evelyn
    Farrah / Fern - Fern
    Fiona / Faye - Fae
    Geneva / Juniper - neutral
    Heidi / Ingrid - Heidi
    Holly / Molly - like both!
    Iris / Ivy - Iris
    Lark / Laurel - Lark
    Leona / Linnea - Leona
    Lilith / Moriah - Lilith
    Livia / Lyra - Lyra
    Lucy / Ruby - Lucy
    Magnolia / Marigold - Marigold
    Naomi / Phoebe - neutral
    Noelle / Nova - Noel
    Olive / Ramona - neither
    Pearl / Willow - Pearl
    Petra / Prisca - Petra
    Piper / Zarah - Piper
    Sable / Paige - Sable
    Sadie / Sage - Sage
    Tally / Tansy - Tally
    Viola / Vera - Viola
    Wendy / Winnie - Wendy
    Wren / Quinn - Wren
    Zoe / Penelope - Penelope

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    Adelaide / Adair - Adelaide. I love this name, pretty, elegant, regal, cute nn Addie (or other options if you don't like that). Adair just makes me hear "a dare" and seems a little short and masculine to me. I don't hate it but I don't love it either.
    Aria / Aveline - Aria, but I like Aveline too. With Aria I justa bsolutely adore the meaning of the name and the airy and melodic sound.
    Avery / Amory - Avery - Amory is all boy to me, whereas Avery I think works for either gender.
    Beatrix / Bianca - Beatrix, but I like both. I just love the nn's Bea and Trixie and the vintage charm and sassiness of Beatrix
    Bess / Tess - Tess, Bess makes me think of a large lady for some unexplained reason and Tess is just a wonderful, literary, short but sweet name
    Coralie / Corinna - Corinna but neither are favourites of mine, they both sound a little harsh to me.
    Daphne / Dorah - Daphne, Dorah is too explorer for me personally. Not sure why but I just don't like it though I do like Nora and Flora.
    Daria / Danica - Daria. It just seems softer and prettier to me.
    Eve / Esther - Eve - simple, elegant, adorable nn Evie. I do like the nn Estee for Esther but I'm not that keen on Esther.
    Evelyn / Gwendolyn - Evelyn, being Welsh, Gwenolyn/Gwendolen has a really old fashioned image here though I do like just Gwen. Plus I just really like Evelyn anyway and the way it rolls off the tongue.
    Farrah / Fern - Fern, I don't know why but Farrah has a bit of a trashy image to me....could be down to a certain Teen Mom? Fern is just a lovely underused nature name too.
    Fiona / Faye - Fiona, I like both, but Faye seems more of a middle name to me. I guess it would make a nice unexpected first name though so I'm a little torn on this one.
    Geneva / Juniper - Juniper....I think. I was very torn on this one. I love both. But I said them both outloud and today I prefer the sound of Juniper.
    Heidi / Ingrid - Heidi. On paper I prefer the cool and unusual Ingrid. In reality though, I find Ingrid a little hard and I'm not sure I'd like to have the name myself so I'm opting for the sweeter sounding Heidi.
    Holly / Molly - Molly definitely. Not that I dislike Holly, but I just absolutely love Molly! For one it reminds me of the cute little orphan Molly in Annie so I think that's where my love stems from, but in general it's just a great name, sassy, cute, ages well and has a vintage vibe will still sounding modern.
    Iris / Ivy - Ivy! Ahh Ivy. I love Iris too, I really love Iris for sound and meaning, but the fact that Ivy wins by a long shot is proof of just how much I love Ivy. I can't explain why, it's just wonderful
    Lark / Laurel - Laurel. I love love love Lark, but personally would only use it for a middle name. It sounds a little harsh as a first name but I think as a middle name it sounds wonderful with something long and pretty like Fiona Lark, Naomi Lark, Ramona Lark or Penelope Lark. I love Laurel too and think it makes for a more wearable first name. It's still unexpected but a little more feminine to me.
    Leona / Linnea - Linnea. I like Leonie but not Leona so much. Plus Linnea just has a beautiful lilting sound. And doesn't have the celebrity assosiation. As much as I love Leona Lewis, I just hate when a name is strongly assosiate with any one celebrity.
    Lilith / Moriah - Lilith. As popular as they are, the Lily names are lovely, and Lilith is one of the most unusual of them and a little stronger sounding than the rest.
    Livia / Lyra - Lyra. Liv is a nice nn, but with so many Olivia's about, Liv and Livia are just going to feel overdone. Lyra has a great meaning and lovely sound and is still very unusual.
    Lucy / Ruby - Lucy When I was 5 I wanted a daughter called Lucy, and while I wouldn't use the name now since my style has changed, I've always loved it's sweet, old fashioned charm. I say old fashioned, and yet Lucy is so timeless and classic really. It feels like a "good girl" name to me which I like too, and is very cute on a child but will also age well. Ruby is ok but has just never been a favourite of mine. Maybe I know too many dogs with the name? Or it always reminds me of the loud and annoying Ruby Wax?
    Magnolia / Marigold - Magnolia!! I don't dislike Marigold but I absolutely love Magnolia. It's so ott and Southern Belle sounding but I still think it's wearable because of the nn's Nola and Maggie. Great name.
    Naomi / Phoebe - Phoebe!! Ahh, she's up there with Ivy for me as one of my favourite names ever. Everytime I say the name Phoebe it makes me smile. I think of it as such a happy name. Plus I have a bad assosiation with a Naomi so as much as I like that too it's tainted for me.
    Noelle / Nova - Noelle I think. Nova seems a little scifi to me whereas Noelle feels prettier.
    Olive / Ramona - Ramona since I do just love multisyllabic names which flow nicely, but Olive is adorable too. I really like both of these! Both vintage gems.
    Pearl / Willow - Willow, but both are great again. Willow is sweeter which is more my style. Pearl is strong and elegant. So I guess it depends on the style you like. I love Pearl as a middle name.
    Petra / Prisca - Petra, though neither is really my cup of tea. I don't dislike either but they both have a harder sound to me.
    Piper / Zarah - Zarah, but I prefer the Zara spelling. Again, I don't love either. Piper seems a little....umm....silly sounding to me? It's ok though and I watched Charmed so I see it as wearable. And Zara is a little overdone in my generation in the UK, so I guess I'm bored of that too.
    Sable / Paige - Paige, I'm not keen on Sable at all so Paige wins even though I don't love it and it feels a little dated to me.
    Sadie / Sage - Sadie!! I love Sadie. Vintage, sweet but with a bit of attitude. Great name. Sage just has a horrible sound to me though the meaning is nice. I just don't think there's anything pretty about it.
    Tally / Tansy - Tally I guess, neither is great though in my opinion.
    Viola / Vera - Hmmm, Viola I think. I'm so-so on both. I used to love Viola but not so much anymore, I've never loved Vera but I don't dislike it either. Verity would be my fave.
    Wendy / Winnie - Winnie, Wendy still feels a little bit too old lady in a bad way to me, though I could see it making a comeback.
    Wren / Quinn - Ahh, I love both. I love Wren the most I think so I'll choose that though personally I prefer it as a middle name, whereas I think Quinn makes a really great first name. Wren could make a great first name too though. Hmm, yes I choose Wren.
    Zoe / Penelope - Penelope!! Up there with Ivy, Phoebe and Aria I adore Penelope and it's many nn's. My nn of choice is Nell, but I think Penny is great too. Zoe is so overused in my generation so I'm really bored of that.

    Great list, my faves from the names I chose above are:

    Adelaide, Aria, Beatrix, Tess, Eve, Evelyn, Juniper, Molly, Ivy, Linnea, Lyra, Magnolia, Phoebe, Ramona, Sadie, Wren & Penelope

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