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Thread: Cradle Cap

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    True cradle cap is actually a condition called seborrheic dermatitis-- it is NOT itchy and does not bother the baby. It's caused most likely by a fungal infection; it is not an allergy nor is it a bacterial infection and therefore does not need topical antibiotics. It also appears almost exclusively in children less than three months of age. Even though it often responds to antifungal creams, usually gentle washing is all that's needed and it resolves on its own.

    If your niece is actually symptomatic (really scratching her scalp) and is already six months old, the diagnosis of cradle cap is unlikely. She might well instead have dandruff or another fungal infection of the scalp. She should definitely have it treated as scratching till she bleeds is worrisome both for her general comfort and for the risk of secondary bacterial infection.
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