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Thread: H & B Names

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    Juliet, Willow, Camilla, Luna, Genevieve, Lorelai, Clarice, Emmeline, Isla, Eloise, Amelia, Mabel, Aurelia, Lumina, Lavender

    Declan, Camden, Leo, Luca, Oliver, Rhys, Griffin, Milo, Yves, Rémy, Theo, Jasper, Gavin, Anders, Félix, Ollivander, Maxim

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    Hi KellyMarie,

    Of the names mentioned, I really really like Heidi and Brielle.... although Brielle might overshadow Heidi a bit if used together.

    Heidi Blue is very nice. I like having Blue in there since Heidi is a bit old fashioned and I think they flow nicely. I think rileymc's suggestion of Bea was a great one (such a sweet little name), Heidi Bea would be very nice. The only other Heidi name I can come up with that wasn't mentioned would be Heidi Bridget.

    If you go for Brielle, I like Harmony Brielle. I would be very pretty and feminine.

    Anyways, you've found some great names. You haven't mentioned any that I think you'd regret giving your child or that they wouldn't like being named.

    Good luck,


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    Harleigh - i'd spell it properly and i'm unsure as
    Harlow - unsure.
    Harper - on the list
    Haven - Don't like but we like Heaven.
    Hazel - I don't like he does.
    Heather - I don't like he does.
    Hermione - Reminds me of harry potter.
    Holley - On the list but I'd spell it properly.

    Béa - Makes me think Bumble Bee so No.
    Beatrix/Beatriz - No.
    Bidelia/Bedelia - WHAT????
    Bellatrix - Looks made up.
    Bessie - Tooold.
    Betsy - Too old.
    Blythe - No.
    Briar - Not sure on this one.
    Brie - Ain't this a name of a Cheese ?
    Briella/Brielle - On the list.
    Brisa - WHAT???

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    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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