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    Red face A tester...

    So i have seen a few judge away posts in the baby names section of these forums and i was wondering about my children's names.. lol as they are uncommon for some.

    I fancy seeing what people think of my kids names...

    I wont take any offence as in my eyes my kids names are awesome!! and they were picked for a reason

    Anyhow their names are....

    Boys name is: Bailey Ashton Richard

    Girls name is: Liberty faith Arizona

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    I apsolutly love the name bailey for a boy and am so happy to know that some people are using it!!! As for the girl name, I am a bit more hesitant to say that I am not that big of a fan...For the first name i mean. In my opinion, and I respect the people that feel a different way one-hundred precent, but i just can't seem to wrap my head around this name. Sorry. But the pairing of Faith Arizona is beautiful!!! And i am also SO happy that you've used the name Arizona (which is on my long list), so glad other people like this name as much as i do!

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    I think they're chavvy - hoping you'll understand this as you are in UK same as me. Richard sticks out like a sore thumb and if it does not honour somebody then I would be extremely surprised. Of course you love these names, and I hope you don't take too much offense, but I see them as lower class, their first names on their own give me this impression - maybe I could have changed it with different middles - but your daughter's especially solidify this perception, instead of changing it.
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    Yup, My partner chose my sons name as he chose his previous sons name (who passed) & he liked bailey i wanted to call him Ashton Maxwell but then that could be seen as chav too i guess, And you are right he IS is named after someone- his father as it is a tradition to do so for the first born sons in my family. Ummm Liberty was chosen because it means freedom & i named her as a tribute to my grandfather who passed from cancer that also has the significance for the name faith as well & Arizona was a name that was picked by my mum.. I think both of my children fit their names perfectly.

    Wallflower as you can see form the prev reason for liberty why it was chose and she can go by Libby when older if she feel the need to.. and yes Arizona is lovely.. if you love it use it.. you only live once at the end of the day.. xxx

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