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    I eliminated the names I deemed unusable, mostly due to reasons you listed.

    Puck -- Would be mistaken for that word, which is unfortunate, because I like Puck.
    Rush -- Good, in league with Jett.
    Carhart -- Noooo. Noooooooooooo. These are pants. Not people. Sorry. Just no.
    Tiger -- DO IT. BECAUSE WHY THE PUCK NOT. (Couldn't resist that, sorry...)
    Gretzky -- lolwut? It's cool? I'm confused, where in the world did this come from?
    Breaker -- No. Do not name a rowdy young man 'Breaker.'
    Frontier -- As someone who lives in the 'Last Frontier' please don't do this to your child. The frontier might mean mystery and adventure, but it also means desolate and dirty.
    Hurley -- Meh. Might as well just use Harley?
    Wrangler -- No. Not only is this a company, but all I can think of is snakes and aligators...
    Train -- lawl. No. Trains are cool, but not that kind of cool.

    Hymn -- Definitely a girl, and cute, but only if you're religious. I'm not, so I wouldn't.
    Horizon -- Surprisingly, I like this... Girl.
    Ride -- Do not name a child Ride. Rider is seriously pushing my limits, as far as my ability to refrain from making sexual innuendo goes. Ride is asking for it. Hands. Down.

    Katniss -- No. I hate this name. Catnip? I don't care about Suzanne Collins' and her backstory, the name is icky and has 'isssss' at the end of it. *shiver*
    Galaxy -- Lawl yes. Just because you can.
    Canada -- Canada's nice and all, but their country has a profoundly boring name. (Sorry Canada.)
    Love -- Meh, middle only. I like Valentine as a first, though.
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    I'll go against the grain here and say that I like Katniss, but only as a nickname for something like Katherine. The other ones are iffy even for middle names, though I think Galaxy as middle name could be cute...Jane Galaxy, Phillipa Galaxy, Elizabeth Galaxy, but only because a kid that graduated from my school last year had the middle name Inertia.
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    I like Horizon as a quirky mn for a girl. The only other one that might work as a mn is Frontier for a boy.
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    @celianne- Thanks for replying.... About Gretzky...I'm Canadian and a big hockey fan. In his day, he was one of the greatest NHL hockey players.... That is where I came up with the name. So you do think Hymn could be usable?! I can't decide. Lol, I love my country, that is why I love the name Canada. To me it isn't boring, but I could see where it might be to people. Oooo, and your thought about Valentine, I love it. (I like it for a boy <MN??> too, actually.)
    @tay2thestars- Hey, I had never thought of Katniss as a NN before. I like that idea. Hmmm...not terribly fond of Katherine. Wonder what else it could be a NN for??
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    Heheh. I was gonna go through each name and give it a pass or fail like I usually do, but I don't like any of them and I couldn't bear to give you an F.

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