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    3 Syllable Girl Middle Names

    Hi -
    We have a two syllable first name picked out for our girl due in October. It will go with our two syllable last name. We have been brainstorming different options in the middle name spot, and it seems like the three syllable names sound the best.

    The first and last name are both on the simpler side, so we would be open to a more frilly/girly middle name, but that's not a necessity. Any ideas? We are liking names with the "s" sound because that is repeated in the last name, and we really like clean classics that aren't overly popular right now.


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    Here's what I came up with:


    I hope one fits for you. Good luck

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    Thanks! I should have clarified that the name doesn't have to start with an "S" - for example, we are considering Louisa.

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    I am thinking 3 syllable middle names too. Please share your list when you can. Mine needs to go with Cleo or Elise, I think.

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