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Thread: Locklin?

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    Naming our first two babies was easy and fun. Number 3 is super stressful.

    We like unisex names like Rowen, Ashton, Haydon and Cameron for a girl...but these 4 are out for various reasons. I love the "Jo" names like Joelle, Jocelyn, Josie. He loves nothing...although he did suggest Lillion, which is just awful to me.

    What do you think of Locklin for a little girl? I have never seen it used before and am having a hard time deciding whether it is "eh" or fabulous.

    Any other suggestions?

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    renrose Guest
    Lochlan/Lachlan is a boys name only. It's not unisex.

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    It's Lachlan or Lochlann or Lauchlan or Lochlainn, not Locklin. It's also a boy's name, but please spell it correctly if you're going to give it to your daughter.

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    I have to agree that really is a male name.

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    Very Irish and very boyish - but a great name!

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