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    We wouldn't want to anyway, but we couldn't use any name that starts with "Mc" or that sound (Michaela, McKenzie, etc.) because we have a "Mc" last name. I also wouldn't use any name that could easily be misconstrued as a last name as a first name, especially for a boy, because our last name is so common as a girl's given name now that when people read it they sometimes just automatically say it the other way around. Like, once I got a call from my daughter's doctor's office and the nurse I was speaking to asked if I was Mc____'s mom (and she doesn't even have a last name first name!) It's not a terrible mistake when it's a girl, but I could imaging it being embarrassing for a little boy in school to accidentally be called "McKenzie Jackson" instead of "Jackson McKenzie", for example.
    This happens regularly to a friend of mine called Morgan Susan. Poor guy, he's just learned to answer to Susan now.

    Meredith - serious drama attached
    Any name with an "st" or "sh" sound, as it goes terribly with our last name, Estes. So no Esther, Asher, West, etc.

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