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    Opinions on my characters

    I'm writing a futuristic, dystopian novel as they are popular right now. Tell me what you think of these names in the situations.
    1. Clio and Pax, brother and sister from one culture
    2. Oma and Mam- Oma is Clio's grandmother, Mam is her mother. Too similar? Suggestions?
    3. Priya- Clio's friend from another culture
    4. Mordecai the villain and Astor his assistant in a cult

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    I really like all the names, as unhelpful as that is One question: Are the names Oma and Mam their given names or are they the equivalent of calling them grandmother and mother?
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    Clio and Pax feel well-matched to me.
    I think Oma and Mam is perfectly clear. It blends two cultures of today (German Oma, British Mam), which makes it more recognizable.
    Priya is a guilty pleasure of mine. So pretty, but clearly culturally distinct from Clio and Pax.
    Mordecai is an awesome villain name. Astor sounds fine, not as awesome as Mordecai but as a henchman he doesn't have to be.

    I think you've done great.

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    Yep those are good names, though I agree that I hope that's just what the mom and grandmother are called--it would be really strange if those were supposed to be their given names. Like naming your daughter Daughter.
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    I like all of those names a lot. Priya is my all time favorite P- name, and it sounds very Indian to me. In Indian, Priya means Beloved. (by the way) It's obviously from a different culture than the other characters.
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