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    I love Gray, Hugo, Frederick (Freddie!), Bram, and Wade. Have you considered Grant? That seems something that would be right up your alley, as well.

    I can see the appeal in Hayes, as well.

    I think it depends on your surname for what I actually like. For example, Hugo Hollingsworth is fine. Pretty amazing, in fact. But Hollis Hollingsworth? No. Too matchy. Then again, I've grown up in a family that loves alliteration: Robert R____, Rebecca R____, Ruth R_____, Russel R_____, and siblings whose names all start with the same letter... and usually they come in multiples! I think alliteration can be really fun, as long as it's not too matchy. Sisters named Julia, Josephine, and Jane? Sweet, and though maybe a bit matchy, it's still refreshing. Sisters named Isabelle, Annabel, and Arabella? Not cute. Not cute at all. (Although secretly I'd love to have an Isabelle, Annabel, and an Arabella!)

    Gray, Hugo, and Frederick are probably my favorites, though--I adore them! And I think something like Gray Frederick or Hugo Frederick or Hugo Frederick Gray or Gray Frederick Hugo or Gray Hugo Frederick or Hugo Gray Frederick would be amazing. (Can you tell I like those three names together? )
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    Quote Originally Posted by applesaucelorraine View Post
    Dean is great.

    Garrett is good too- no one will call him Gary.

    Bram is great, but I have the same question- is it Bram or Brahm?
    We need someone to set the record straight on Bram! In Washington Irving's, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, there is a character named Brom Bones, pronounced Brahm. This is one of my DH's favorite stories to read with the boy's at Halloween and he has always liked the name. I just wonder what spelling we would use.

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    Dean -- very nice!
    I just wish our last name didn't have a double -n in it!

    Victor -- also a fan
    If this name isn't used as the first name it WILL be the middle name.

    Garrett -- Love
    I like it. But I don't love it with Rex and Troy

    Grey -- Meh.
    I agree

    Hayes -- Okay.
    I agree

    Hart -- Interesting. I like it.
    I thought it was kind of a fun name; short, strong, different, but not crazy.

    Hugo -- Love.
    I like it.

    Frederick -- Love
    I have always loved this name. I just think it's too long and classic to go with Rex and Troy. I have no problem doing a long classic, even frilly girl name with Rex and Troy. If we have another boy I would like to stick with a similar style.

    Bram -- Ew. Sorry... Like bran?
    More like Brahm

    Wade -- okay
    I know. I don't quite know why I like it. I just do.
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    Dean- Out of all the names on the list, this one goes the best with Rex and Troy. Definitely. However, as you say, it may not go well with your last name. Your LN (H€nk€n) has two syllables that both end in the -n sound, as does Dean. That would mean every syllable in the FN/LN combination would end in -n. That's a bit much.

    --I agree about the -n's. it's just such a good fit with Rex and Troy

    Victor- This would be a decent choice. Victor isn't my preference, but I do understand the appeal. It works together quite well with Rex and Troy, though I like the idea of a short (3-4 letter, 5 at max) name to go along with his brother.

    --This is my Dad's name and he has yet to be represented in any of his grand children's names. If we don't use this as a first name it will be the middle. I think the style goes with Rex and Troy but we're short name people, he'd probably be called by a nickname.

    Garrett- I like this name a decent amount, though it doesn't match up with Rex and Troy too ideally. Still, not a bad choice.

    --I agree.

    Grey- You cut it, I'm glad you did (though I like the name Gratian a lot)


    Hayes- You cut it, I'm glad you did.


    Hart- You cut it, I'm glad you did.


    Hugo- Alliteration sometimes works okay, sometimes not. Hugo H€nk€n isn't a wonderful flow. But Hugo is an awesome name, definitely my favorite from you list. What about Arlo, Milo or Otto?

    --Arlo is becoming too popular and DH vetoed Milo (as did most everyone on NB) and Otto. Leo was vetoed too

    Frederick- I'm not such a fan of this name, plus it really doesn't work well with Rex and Troy in my mind.

    --I love it. But I know it doesn't work.

    Bram- This could be cool. It has a bit of an abrupt 'bam!' feel to me, but still a nice name. Works really well with Rex and Troy.

    --I agree. I think it works great. But... We would need to decide on spelling and pronunciation.

    Wade- I can't get on board with this name. Rex and Troy, on their own, are great names and great names for two brothers, but if you throw Wade in the mix, I feel like it pulls all three names towards the realm of Hicksville (where Rex and Troy would not otherwise reside).

    --I can see where you're coming from. I don't know why I all of a sudden like Wade. It just appealed to me. But we are definitely far from Hicksville and I would hate to put my boys in that realm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    Dean - I am biased, as I just strongly dislike this name. All the Deans I have known have been amazingly unambitious and genuinely lacked any personality. I was quite disappointed when my nephew was named Dean... also because of Jimmy Dean sausages. I would also agree that it doesn't go with your surname H€nk€n. The -n -n is a complete deal-breaker for me, as it just kinda kills the flow.
    Bram - There will be 2 different pronunciations, with a short and long a... but that's easily corrected. I feel like this is a bit more classic than Rex and Troy, which have a Greek/ Roman Empire feel...
    Frederick - This is my favourite as an individual name. However, it doesn't fit with Rex and Troy very well. I guess the real question is whether or not you care about the "sibset" idea. My brother and sister's names don't fit with mine, and yet we're still reasonably well-adjusted adults. There's nothing wrong with naming the individual child separate of his brothers, if you just decide you like Bram or Frederick or another name that just "fits" better.
    Garrett - This also isn't the same style as Rex or Troy, as it feels like a much softer boy's name. All the Garretts I've known haven't gone by middle names.
    Victor - This is my top choice. Although it is not 1 syllable, it has the same Roman feel to it and still maintains the same manly feeling as Rex and Troy.
    Talk to me about Victor some more. Do you think Vico could be a cute nickname? I just don't see myself calling a little boy Victor. Or do you have any other names that give off a similar Greek/Roman feel that are short? I feel like all of the ancient names I like are too long. And Rex and Troy aren't authentic ancient names, they just have a Roman/Greek feel/history to them.

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