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    Dean - I am biased, as I just strongly dislike this name. All the Deans I have known have been amazingly unambitious and genuinely lacked any personality. I was quite disappointed when my nephew was named Dean... also because of Jimmy Dean sausages. I would also agree that it doesn't go with your surname H€nk€n. The -n -n is a complete deal-breaker for me, as it just kinda kills the flow.
    Bram - There will be 2 different pronunciations, with a short and long a... but that's easily corrected. I feel like this is a bit more classic than Rex and Troy, which have a Greek/ Roman Empire feel...
    Frederick - This is my favourite as an individual name. However, it doesn't fit with Rex and Troy very well. I guess the real question is whether or not you care about the "sibset" idea. My brother and sister's names don't fit with mine, and yet we're still reasonably well-adjusted adults. There's nothing wrong with naming the individual child separate of his brothers, if you just decide you like Bram or Frederick or another name that just "fits" better.
    Garrett - This also isn't the same style as Rex or Troy, as it feels like a much softer boy's name. All the Garretts I've known haven't gone by middle names.
    Victor - This is my top choice. Although it is not 1 syllable, it has the same Roman feel to it and still maintains the same manly feeling as Rex and Troy.
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