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    Dean is great.

    Garrett is good too- no one will call him Gary.

    Bram is great, but I have the same question- is it Bram or Brahm?

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    I like Bram

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    Dean -- very nice!

    Victor -- also a fan

    Garrett -- Love.

    Grey -- Meh.

    Hayes -- Okay.

    Hart -- Interesting. I like it.

    Hugo -- Love.

    Frederick -- Love.

    Bram -- Ew. Sorry... Like bran?

    Wade -- okay.
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    Dean- Out of all the names on the list, this one goes the best with Rex and Troy. Definitely. However, as you say, it may not go well with your last name. Your LN (H€nk€n) has two syllables that both end in the -n sound, as does Dean. That would mean every syllable in the FN/LN combination would end in -n. That's a bit much.

    Victor- This would be a decent choice. Victor isn't my preference, but I do understand the appeal. It works together quite well with Rex and Troy, though I like the idea of a short (3-4 letter, 5 at max) name to go along with his brother.

    Garrett- I like this name a decent amount, though it doesn't match up with Rex and Troy too ideally. Still, not a bad choice.

    Grey- You cut it, I'm glad you did (though I like the name Gratian a lot)

    Hayes- You cut it, I'm glad you did.

    Hart- You cut it, I'm glad you did.

    Hugo- Alliteration sometimes works okay, sometimes not. Hugo H€nk€n isn't a wonderful flow. But Hugo is an awesome name, definitely my favorite from you list. What about Arlo, Milo or Otto?

    Frederick- I'm not such a fan of this name, plus it really doesn't work well with Rex and Troy in my mind.

    Bram- This could be cool. It has a bit of an abrupt 'bam!' feel to me, but still a nice name. Works really well with Rex and Troy.

    Wade- I can't get on board with this name. Rex and Troy, on their own, are great names and great names for two brothers, but if you throw Wade in the mix, I feel like it pulls all three names towards the realm of Hicksville (where Rex and Troy would not otherwise reside).
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    I adore Bram. Wade is lovely too.
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