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    I actually love the name Hayes. I think it sounds very masculine and sophisticated, but also soft and approachable. The only one I dislike is Wade, but I can see the appeal.
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    Alright. Hart, Hayes, and Grey are OUT! And most likely Hugo as well.
    I'm not sure where my mind was this morning. I still like Hugo, but I just don't think I can pull off the double "H".

    Here are the top five picked by you all:
    Dean - I still love this with Rex and Troy, just not sure if I like it with H€nk€n
    Bram - This was on our list 3years ago but we just couldn't pull the trigger on it. DH says Brahm instead of Bram. Same spelling?
    Frederick - I really wanted to use this name with my 3yr old and use the nn Fritz. But I was told it was too long to go with Rex, and Fritz was too German. Do you think this is still the case?
    Garrett - I like name. I don't really love it, but its a good name. I REALLY don't want anyone ever calling him Gary though. Only Garrett.
    Victor - I just don't know if I can pull this off as a first name. If not its going to be the middle name.

    -Wade- I know a lot of people REALLY don't like this name, but I'm stuck on it right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    How many syllables is the last name? Of the H names, I only like Hugo anyway. Hart and Hayes sound like surnames to me, which I'm not big on. I like almost all of your other names, except Wade. So yes, Hart Hayes and Wade are the ones I would eliminate.
    Last name is two syllables; H€nk€n

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    Dean - Yes

    Victor - Maybe

    Garrett - Maybe

    Grey - No

    Hayes - No

    Hart - No

    Hugo - Maybe

    Frederick - Maybe

    Bram - Yes

    Wade - No

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    I like Bram and Dean

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