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    To me Winter is beautiful. I wouldn't second guess it. I am sure it was a beautiful name to you at the time of her birth. I like that it is a name that conjures a definite visual.

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    Cornelia Hermione Winter is fine to me. The two syllable Winter offsets the other two multi-syllable names. I think the middle spot is a great place to go a little wilder and use word or other guilty pleasures that may be too out there for a first name. The other names on your list are too long (Gwendolen/Winifred) or remind me of a horse (Sorrel is a plant but also an equine coat colour). I would stick with Winter because it flows beautifully.
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    Don't change it! Cornelia Hermione Winter, while fanciful, is stunning. Your daughter's name is perfect. Honestly, it seems a bit pointless to go through the name change process only to change one of her middle names...

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    I wouldn't change it, I think it's gorgeous and balances out the name perfectly! Winter does have meaning to you (even though it's not the seasonal meaning). And I don't think it's trendy at all, Winter is a quirky, fun, nature name that's in a good way. I think it's natural to question the fn or mn after we finally decide, I did too (mn). But I think you'll settle into the name and be very happy with it, just as I am now. I think you'll feel better after some more positive responses, which I'm sure you'll get
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    Personally, I would have just used Winn, but I don't think Winter is too horrible. Autumn and Summer are names, so why not Winter? Also, my friend gave her daughter Clover as a middle name, but also considered Snow, so it's definitely not that out-of-the-box to use a word as a name, especially a middle name.

    Frankly, I'm surprised you have pronunciation problems with Hermione. I thought the Harry Potter movies would have taken care of that.

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