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    Doubting daughter's middle name

    Oh, I guess I am having first trouble with my lady's name...

    My first daughter was born in May and we named her Cornelia Hermione Winter. In my opinion, it's the most beautiful name ever...or used to be my opinion.
    I spent 6 months of my pregnancy searching through the names and only found THE name the day she was born. I still adore Cornelia and though we have some pronunciation issues with Hermione, I wouldn't like to change it. But Winter...
    We picked it because it honors our relative called Winn and seemed to be a modern, quirky choice to balance out Cornelia Hermione. Other options were Winn, Gwendolen and Winifred but after discussing with your ladies, we decided on Winter. I like the sound but there are a few thing that bother me about it. First, Winter doesn't have any meaning besides being a word. I don't really worry about meaning but maybe using a word for name sounds silly to people? Also, I recently noticed some berries describing Winter as trendy and not very usable.
    So please tell me, is Winter that bad? I am not sure if I will change it anyway but I need to put a light on the situation. Does Winter sounds awful with Cornelia Hermione? Should I change it to something else?
    I am considering
    Cornelia Hermione Sorrel
    Cornelia Gwendolen Hermione
    Cornelia Hermione Winifred
    and other ideas. Any help?

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