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    Hey, Crazy V; we don't mess with perfection!

    Cornelia is stunning
    Hermione is breathtaking
    Winter is gorgeous and glitteringly enchanting. If you need to be swayed; listen to Winter by Tori Amos. If you don't like that one... well, everything looks more beautiful after the fresh snow has fallen. Dark star scattered skies, the cold cold air that make you breath look like smoke, sleigh rides and snow angels, lanterns and pomegranates, cranberries... hot chocolate, blankets and throws and big wooly jumpers. Need I go on?
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    I love it! It's completely beautiful. Don't change it! I think sometimes us name-lovers have a hard time letting go of the search for the perfect name, even after baby is born. Don't second guess yourself. It's a gorgeous combo.
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    I think Cornelia Hermione Winter is one of the prettiest name I have heard of and Winter goes just fine with two other names.
    Winifred isn't very feminine for me, Winn is plain and Gwendolen quite fussy with Hermione; so nothing can be compared to Winter you see. I wouldn't do a second guess, I love the name the way it is.

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    I think Cornelia Hermione Winter is one of the most beautiful combos I've ever encountered! I think Winter is great, not at all trendy...I've never met a Winter. While I adore Winifred and Gwendolen, they are just way too long with Cornelia Hermione. Winter balances it out perfectly.

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    Oh Lord, replies! You can tell I am freaking nervous and dying to know what you berries think.
    Let's work in the order...
    @bluesuedeshoes22: Winona is a guilty plaesure of mine, I love it, but never can talk my boyfriend into. Oh, thanks for suggestion anyway.
    @larkub101: aww, so glad you love Nelly's name! I worked so hard on it - and yeah, I remember the birth announcement had a lot of views, ha ha. And as for Winter...I never thought it was trendy until I read another thread where it was called "uninspiring". I guess there were ladies talking about Avalon also...But as a writer(and artist), I see "uninspiring" being even worse than "horrible" and I would never use such a name. OK, I guess I am being too dubious.
    @katemp91: thank you for you words, darling. When it come to doubts, there is nothing more useful than your opinions down here.
    @kashed22: thanks, I am glad her name is getting your love. I never thought Cornelia was that rare until I used it - now it surprises everyone to be used in 2013, ha ha.
    @kdornfeld: thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, when Nelly was born, I thought nothing can be compared to Winter - I could do a full picture with my vision of the name. The thing is she actually spring born...
    @mischa: thank you! I guess I really was wild with both Hermione and Winter - even a year ago I couldn't imagine using them in real life. I am relieved to see you finding Winter finding.
    @southern.maple: thank you, I think Nelly would be happy to understand you find her name perfect. I see it may seems stupid to change only one middle but I want the name to be as stunning as it can be so all the names count.
    @bellarina: thanks, I am really feeling better now. Sitting deep in your my thoughts is bad for me since I am that sensitive - but you lades really made me a relief. But you are right, I tend to question anything in life.
    @thatkathryngirl: I didn't consider Winn as ann option then but only do now. I wanted something more complete than just exact relative's name. As for Hermione...I guess we only get mispronounciation with people not familiar with HP but that's rare today though still happens.
    @ottilie: Crazy V, yes, that's who I am. Tottaly mad with my names, maybe lack of sleep has the effect. Thank you for reminding me of Tori Amos song, darling - I just felt in love with Cora after listening Darlin' Cora and it's Nelly's new nickname And the beginning of your story(yes, looks like the beginning of very cosy story) is breathtaking, I have no doubts now. Thank you so very much.
    @shieldsc: thank you, I really was surprised to see how soon I got the right combo - doesn't look like me, ha ha.
    @handsallover: thanks darling, I am pleased with your words.

    So my doubts have flown away by now and my darling one is Cornelia Hermione Winter still. Thank you all lovelies for thoughts and affection.

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