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    little brother for Julien Leander

    I'm losing it trying to come up with a name for Julien's little brother (due in September) and was hoping for some name-nerd help. Leander means lion-man and I think we've settled on Peregrine for the middle name of the next one, but so far the best names we've come up with are:

    Gabriel Peregrine
    Alexander Peregrine

    My husband and I aren't thrilled with the nickname "Gabe" and though I like "Ace" as a nickname for Alexander, it's not a mutual thing yet. Also, it feels like Gabriel and Alexander are almost interchangeable, which annoys me. They seem like something we've settled on, versus Julien Leander, which is mostly perfect for us.

    Other options discarded-
    Atlas- great for someone else's kid
    Adelai- too girly
    Auberon "Bron"
    Dexter- serial killer character
    Dashiell, Cormac and Atticus- too literary without deep personal meaning
    Henry- husband nixed
    Finn- too common

    Any thoughts?

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    I like Gabe and think it sounds nice with Julien, but if you're not into that, what about a different nn for Alexander? What about Xander or Alexie?

    Or....Asher, Reid, Ezra, Sawyer, Zane, Silas, Zaire, Kai, or Micah?

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    I love Alexander with Julien, and Alexander Peregine sounds so much better to me than Gabriel Peregrine. I knew an Alexander who went by Xan, which is an awesome nn, imho. Ace is also cool, but better when he's a kid. I'm not a fan of Gabriel's nn possibilities (Gabe? :P).

    Others: Cyrus, Darius, Caspar, Aurelius, August/ Augustus, Quincy, Dominic, Evander, Miles, Maximilian, Philip, Tobias, Xavier
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    I think we're leaning toward Alexander, though there's already an Alex and a Xander in our friends/family circle. Xan is a nn I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

    Maximillian, Evander and Xavier are going on my list too.

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    What about Regis? Or Elliott, Cedric, Jasper or Roman? As for the names from your list, I slightly prefer Alexander. and I love mn Peregrine!
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