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    Everett Wilder Allison definitely.

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    Gavin Allison- A lot of your FN choices end with -n, as does your LN. I think it hurts the flow. Still usable, but not ideal in my opinion.
    Caleb Allison- Caleb is a nice name, a bit too common for my taste, but nice nonetheless. The 'L' sounds in the two names roll of the tongue a little strange though.
    Trevor Allison- I don't like the name Trevor much at all.
    Seth Allison- Seth is kinda cool. Not my style, but not a bad choice.
    Everett Allison- This is definitely my favorite of your options. Everett is amazing. I'd choose a short, one syllable MN with it.
    Wilder Allison- The L sounds once again roll off the tongue funny to me. And since Allison is a common FN, Wilder almost feels like an adjective (in this combo), rather than a name.
    Nolan Allison- I really like the name Nolan, but with Nolan and Allison both sharing the prominent L sound and the ending N sound, I don't think they work together well.
    Colin Allison- Not such a fan of Colin, and once again, sharing the prominent L and N sounds makes them sound strange together.
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    Everett is handsome!
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Quote Originally Posted by jca1983 View Post
    We enjoy reading all of your thoughts so far!!

    Just for the sake of being thorough, are there any reasonable suggestions for a first name????

    _______ Wilder Allison
    Owen Wilder Allison (just broke my own -n/-n rule. just trying things out!)
    Noah Wilder Allison
    Luke Wilder Allison
    Vincent Wilder Allison**
    Cade Wilder Allison*
    Hugo Wilder Allison
    Miles Wilder Allison
    Graham Wilder Allison** (was this on your original list?)
    Liam Wilder Allison*

    I still think you have winners with Seth and Everett though.

    Regarding Colin and Nolan and the double -n endings, what about Colm or Noel?
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    My favorites are...

    Gavin Allison
    Caleb Allison
    Everett Allison
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