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    Your favorite of these final 8 names?

    Hello all,

    We have whittled down the possibilities for our son due 7/1 to these 8 choices. We are practically 100% sure that he will wear one of these names....Allison is our surname.

    Gavin Allison
    Caleb Allison
    Trevor Allison
    Seth Allison
    Everett Allison
    Wilder Allison
    Nolan Allison
    Colin Allison

    These aren't in any order of preference. We really like the Scottish/Irish sounding names, even though they end with the -n sound like our last name does. His middle name will be Wilder, unless we choose Wilder or Trevor for his first name, in which case his middle name will be Cole.

    Thank you all in advance for your thoughts!!

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    I'm a fan of Gavin on your list, though I think Nolan would come in a close second.
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    As much as I like Wilder, I think I would avoid it as a first name with your last name. I had a friend named Morgan Susan and he OFTEN was miscalled Susan Morgan. Not only did they get the wrong name, but it was a girl's name and he was made fun of for it. I could see the same mistake happening with your son being called Allison Wilder. Just something to keep in mind
    I think any of the others would be great! I'm particularly fond of Seth and Colin.

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    My favorites from your list are:

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