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    My middle name is Hope. I sometimes wish it were my first name instead!

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    My name is Amanda Maria Rebecca. I quite like Amanda and Maria together but I think Rebecca doesn't fit with those names. I would prefer Amanda Rebecca Marie. My names were chosen by my mum and she just liked the names.

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    Jun 2013
    My name is Amelia Jane. It's pretty simple but I like it that way. I did always wish that my name was more interesting though (my DH wished the same about his name too) so we chose a more interesting combination for our own daughter.
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    My middle name is Aileen, pron. Eye-leen. I think it goes great with my first and last names and it's fun because when people see my middle initial is A, they usually assume it's something like Anne or Alice or Alexa. No one ever suspects it's Aileen, so it's a fun surprise

    The only issue I have is when I tell people my middle name is Aileen-with-an-A, they tend to spell it Eilean or something similar. Or pronounce it Ay-leen instead of Eye-leen but since I don't use it that often, it doesn't come up much and I still like it!
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    My middle name is Angelí. I like how it flows with my first name.
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