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    My parents named me Laura Beth, though mom toyed with Laura Elizabeth for a long time. She's a big fan of the 2-1 pattern; my sisters are Hannah Ruth and Mattie Grace.
    Mattie's name is unusual in that she was named after my great-grandmother, who was simply "Mattie," not Matilda or Madeline or anything else. Unfortunately, right around when Mattie was born there was a slew of Madisons and Madelines, so she grew up with a ton of Maddies and Madys and Maddys.

    When I married I legally took my maiden name (Locke) as my middle.

    Laura & Derek

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    All of my middle names are to honor family. I have a whole list of family names and I choose the ones that I think flow best with the first name I've chosen. Of course, I wouldn't choose one I didn't like. For example, I doubt I'll use my grandfather's name - Donald. Hah...

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    My middle name is Susanne. With an S not a Z, since my mother's name is Susan. My first and middle run into my last name. First name ends with and S, middle starts with an S, last name started with an S. Most people don't like that, but I think it sounds fine.

    @siobhanfb - I love your name! Siobhan Fay? Gorgeous!

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    It's Mary, nothing exciting, but I love it.
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    My middle name is Cailyn and its just a name my mom liked and felt sounded good with Baylie.

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