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    Darn, I had completely forgotten about Wren! Hubby absolutely adores that name - he's a pilot and it's a "bird name" so he loves the connection. But we were putting it as a middle. It's definitely harder as a first - but I don't think it's masculine at all. Maybe your hubby would like something very feminine and very traditional like Wren Elizabeth? I feel like it's needs something longer and more substantial as its middle. Wren Evangeline works too. Using "S" or "C" makes it that much harder...

    Wren Catherine
    Wren Cordelia
    Wren Cornelia
    Wren Simone

    Wren Amelia
    Wren Corinne

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    Och, I adore Wren! If it went better with my other favorites (which are all quite long and super feminine), it would likely be a FN consideration for me. As it is, I have it on my list as a middle--Olivia Wren Camille. I really love the idea of Wren Olivia and Wren Camilla, objectively. I loved them long before I thought of putting all three names together.

    I also love Wren Penelope and Wren Aurelia. Do any of those appeal? Other ideas:

    Wren Felicity
    Wren Juliet
    Wren Cordelia
    Wren Ophelia
    Wren Elisabeth
    Wren Tabitha
    Wren Amelia
    Wren Georgia

    Good luck!
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    I love Wren Magnolia! obsessed!
    Maggie Rae

    Oliver Rex
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