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    Middle names for Ellis

    Looking for middle names for Ellis. Surname is three syllables, starting with MAY sound.

    I originally had Sadie Ellis, but my other half doesn't like Sadie and wants to use Ellis as a first name.

    We did think of just switching it around - Ellis Sadie - but I think it's too many s sounds.

    We like older sounding names, but totally open to ideas.

    All suggestions welcome! Thanks

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    Ellis with a 3-syllable surname... I'd go with a 1-syllable middle.

    Ellis Jane
    Ellis Claire
    Ellis Blue
    Ellis June
    Ellis Eve
    Ellis Fleur
    Ellis Wren

    Ellis Amie (hmmm... I love the sound of Ellis ah-MEE, but I don't know exactly how to spell it...)
    Ellis Ivy
    Ellis Vera
    Ellis Anya
    Ellis Cora
    Ellis Yvaine
    Ellis Amour
    Ellis Charlotte

    Ellis Amaya
    Ellis Tamara
    Ellis Amity
    Ellis Fiona
    Ellis Juliet
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