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    They're all lovely.

    Vivienne is my favourite by far; it's just wonderful. Ava comes second, although it's so popular you should probably bear in mind that she'll probably share a class with Ava. F, Ava. G. Ava P, etc. Madeleine is pretty, but I can't stand the nicknames like 'Maddy' etc, which might crop up.

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    I really like all three of your names, but am least fond of Ava due to its popularity although I agree that it goes nicely with Ella. For Madeleine, you could use the nn Leiney instead of Maddie. Ella and Leiney are cute together. Vivienne is also a great name. I think a lot of people will be able to differentiate between Vivian and Vivienne and those who can't -well, they're likely to be making name mistakes no matter what name you give your daughter.
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