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    I like Ava with Ella. My second choice is Vivienne.

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    I like Madeleine best, but I love the idea of Ava Madeleine as a combo! It's very striking and sweet. Then again, years ago I had Madeleine Ava on my list, so I think that's beautiful, as well. Do you already have a MN picked out? I think that would factor in for me... Ava and Ella is very sweet, though--I know twins who are Ava and Ella, and they're quite adorable. I think they go together really well--but on the other hand, so do Ella and Madeleine, and Ella and Vivienne. While I like the French light-and-airy appeal of Vivienne, and the meaning, and the sweet nn of Vivi, I don't especially love it in general. I have to work quite hard to see the appeal in it, personally. I think Madeleine Vivienne or Ava Vivienne would be lovely, though.
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    My favorite is Vivienne, which is lovely. I like the others, but would never go for Ava. Just too popular for me. Madeleine is also verging on too popular for consideration.
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    I like Ava best with Ella, though it's quite popular. My second choice is Vivienne. Not a fan of Madeleine because of the nn options sorry.

    Love the idea of Ivy too!

    What about Evienne? Nn Eve/Evie?

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    Ava and Madeleine are lovely names! Ava fits well with the sib set

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