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    Question Rosie + 2 middle names?

    I have recently gone back to names that I used to like and completely forgot about but I've recently found a list of names I wrote down a few months ago and Rosie Victoria Maeve was my favorite but I don't know if Rosie is too cutesy and girly and if it would even suit someone over the age of 10 but she could also go by Victoria which is my best friend's name and I really like Maeve for a middle name since it's not a filler one like Grace, Marie and Rose

    So do you think Rosie could work and also is it too much of a problem to have 2 middle names and which other names do you think could work as middle names for Rosie?

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    1) Rosie works but I prefer it for nickname.
    2) My daughter has 2 middle names and there are no problems.
    3) Rosie Maeve Victoria, Rosie Theodora Jane, Rosie Bianca Maeve, Rosie Cordelia Jean, Rosie Lorraine Victoria, Rosie Ada Clementine work in my opinion.

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    1) Rosie is cute, but I would prefer it as a nn for Rose.
    2) I have two middles and they are no issue
    Rose Cecelia Maeve
    Rose Titania Lux
    Rose Magdalena Lux
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