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    Interesting to see everyone's reasoning on things! I talked to my husband about this topic more in depth tonight and he is pretty set on finding out gender ASAP once we are pregnant. i am still kind of torn. I think I could sway him one way or the other. However, although I am hopelessly in love with the vintage and old fashioned way of doing things, I think I will be too impatient to wait on finding out the gender! Honestly, it will be my first! I will probably want to psyche myself up for a baby boy or baby girl. I hate to say it but I will probably want to buy every cute dress or every cute sweater vest I see. What is even sadder is that I nanny and I KNOW how impractical that kind of clothing, and cute adorable nursery items, etc. really are. But I will still probably want it all once I know if its a boy or girl! Then again maybe not knowing will help me keep spending in check lol. Guess I will have to ponder this further

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