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    I'd like to wait for the first, and find out with the second (and wait for subsequent ones, but I don't imagine having more than two total). My friend waited for the first, but her husband made her promise to find out for the second (he's always wanted to know, but she "won" the first time).

    Unless I had trouble grasping the (first) pregnancy and reality of it, in which case finding out would probably help

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    I can certainly see people's reasons for choosing to find out, but for my first I wanted a surprise. I love surprises, the sex didn't really matter to me - I didn't have a preference, and I wanted to avoid an extra 5 months or so of gender stereotyping/get gender neutral items (And I didn't feel like finding out and hiding it from family/friends). I'm even more excited at the end of my pregnancy to find out at birth what the sex is.
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    We're finding out Thursday...

    I think finding out is part of the exciting experience of all this - I couldn't imagine waiting. Of course, it is only because of the all of the technology that we get to know this information. But my partner and I want to know so that we can discuss names and such. I support that it is an individual decision, but I cannot wait to find out!

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    It's a tough choice, but I think we're going to find out. I decided this when my SIL was pregnant last year. I'd walk into baby stores and see something cute (i.e. a dress) and couldn't buy it because what if she had a boy? When I'm pregnant, I'd like to know what I'm having so I can do lots of shopping and kit out the nursery better! I disagree with a previous poster's comment that finding out the gender spoils the entire pregnancy. I understand why many people like to keep it a secret, but I can't imagine finding out you're having a girl (for example) would ruin the pregnancy for you. I'm sure the day I find out what I'm having will be one of the happiest of my life! I agree with milasmama that it's a great bonding experience, too.
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    Really, either way it's going to be a complete surprise. Whichever route parents choose, it just adds to their experience. If the parents find out early it just gives them a few months more to prepare more specifically.

    Personally, I am going to find out as soon as I can. I know picking a name is going to be one heck of a battle, so cutting off names for one gender would be helpful. Plus I love the idea of being able to buy gender specific clothes, or decorating the nursery how I've imagined. I really do not like unisex clothes/decorations, and there isn't much you can choose from either. I love the idea of saying "I'm having a little girl/boy" when people ask. I just feel it would help me bond with baby a little more.
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