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    If gender's not a big deal, then why wait? It is what it is.

    You know what's exciting? YOU are actually having a baby. It's something you've never done before.

    Maybe you could give yourself this time now to enjoy not knowing and then later find out and enjoy knowing.

    Whatever you do just don't pull the stunt a friend of mine has. She keeps saying she wants to be surprised, then claims she "knows" what it is. It bothers me they keep calling their girls by their top boy names before they're born, because they want to be surprised and yet they know they're boys. Sigh. You really have to be committed to idea of it could be either.

    Good Luck!
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    I personally am not going to find out the gender of any of my children. I honestly just think that finding out the gender just spoils the whole excitement of having a baby. I know some people do it just so that they can paint the room but really why can't you just paint it yellow or have multicolored things. Also about the clothes thing I am just going to get some unisex sleep suits and other essentials because when you have a baby you get so many gifts and clothes, even hang me downs from friends who have had babys'.

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    I am truly enjoying this waiting game. Don't get me wrong, I am DYING to know if I have a son or daughter, but it adds a dimension of excitement to this pregnancy as I am waiting to find out.

    Also, knowing the sex only lets you in on whether your baby has a penis or vagina. It doesn't tell you any more than that about this little person growing inside of you. Once you know the sex it's possible to begin placing preconceived ideas regarding gender upon the wee one, but it truly tells you very, very little about the baby. I know some moms feel that it helps them bond more with their baby, but I feel incredibly bonded and connected to my child without knowing the sex.

    And as others have stated, babies are babies.
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    Very interesting to see such divided opinions!

    I agree with aspects of everyone's comments. A baby is a baby. You will love it to death no matter what. Once you hold him/her, you won't be able to imagine it any other way. In addition, I am soooo not into the whole pink and blue thing either. The idea of going through labor not knowing what I was having honestly woul probably give me that much more of a drive, and some extra adrenaline! And the idea of having my husband announce if it was a boy or girl is soooo adorable. I love doing things the old fashioned way!

    On the other hand I would love to have those few months to prepare and dream about a little girl or little boy. I am a planner as well and so the aspect of knowing does have apeal. Even in a generally gender neutral nursery, id love to have little accents here or there of little boy or girl things. And I would totally pick up clothing I saw that I thought would be super cute... Dresses and hair bows, or bowties and sweaters! Unnecccesary I know! But come on, it's the first baby!

    Man it is such a hard choice!

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    I just wanted to add that, even though we waited to find out the gender of our first baby, we may find out with the second. I enjoyed waiting the first time, not knowing didn't made it difficult at all for my husband and I to bond with the baby, and just hearing the heartbeat and feeling the kicks was enough to make it real. I don't think finding out ruins anything, though. We will be just as surprised, only a little bit earlier, and finally meeting the baby will still be exciting. It's a brand new person that you made, for goodness sake! How could that not be exciting?
    There are a few reasons why I'm contemplating finding out next time. 1.) Simply because it would be a different experience. Why not see what it's like to do it a different way? 2.) Our daughter, the future big sister, would probably feel more connected to the new baby if she could tell people whether she's having a baby brother or a baby sister. 3.) We had a baby shower to celebrate our first child, but you don't get that for subsequent children. I still want to have a party for my next baby, though, and I have some great ideas for a gender reveal party!

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