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    I agree w. milasmama regarding the sex not being a big deal. Babies are babies!

    Just practically speaking, if you are planning on having multiple children, some people prefer not to share the sex of the first before birth. We have friends who have either not found out or not shared the results of the anatomy scan just so that when their excited friends and family are buying them presents, the major baby gear can be passed down to the next baby. Of course, it always could be, boys can totally use pink stuff and vice versa, but many folks don't want to deal w. the controversy of putting a second-born son in a pink carseat or a princess stroller.

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    I wouldn't want to find out. I mean, I haven't been there yet or anything, so I may change my mind...but there are so few surprises left in this day and age! If you go gender neutral in your nursery/clothing it will be more likely to be put to good use with any subsequent children if they aren't the same gender as the first.

    If I had a gender preference I may want to find out so that I could deal with any unresolved emotions regarding that. My family member wanted a girl so badly that she had convinced herself she was having a girl. When she found out it was a boy, at birth, she had a lot of trouble coming to terms with it.
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    I couldn't bear the wait! I just wanted any little detail I could get about my baby...9+ months feels so long! Plus I am not one to wait until baby comes to start buying stuff. I didn't go crazy, but is was nice to select those few important items, a gorgeous blanket, a stuffed bunny, none of these things were especially feminine, but imagining the type of child that would one day play with them was in the back of my mind while choosing them.

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    I loved knowing the gender during my pregnancy. I am a planner and I like to know what I am planning for.

    It did make me feel closer to the baby throughout the second half of my pregnancy. Before knowiing the gender, the baby was an "it." After finding out, he was a "he."

    Knowing did not take anything away from the excitement of the birth day. There are so many surprises for the day - who the baby will look like, the baby's weight, length, temperment, etc.
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    I am currently 36.5 days away from my anatomy scan and finding out whether it's a boy or a girl - and that is PLENTY enough of a wait and more than enough of a surprise for me! I see it as one of the handful of amazing, exciting, beautiful days that come with a pregnancy - it doesn't all have to happen on the one day the baby is born (another one would be the first time you hear the heartbeat). My family and friends and I have already placed our bets on what it is so no missing out on that. And a few other commenters have previously mentioned that it might be less exciting, or anti-climactic, for others if they know what we're having beforehand. I could not care less about that. The only people who matter are me, my hubby and our families and they'll all be just as excited when baby as born even if they know it's sex beforehand. Anyone else feeling it's anticlimactic can deal. Also, I *hate* referring to baby as "it" and I know I'll be able to connect better, and prepare better, for him/her one I know what it is. We are so excited!

    Maybe if we ever get to baby number 3, maybe by then it will be something that can just wait until the end. This first one? Hell no, I can't wait that long!

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