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    I truly loved not knowing! It made the birth feel like opening my christmas presents... it was actually an additional exciting thought between my contractions; is it a boy or a girl? I have to admit I did wish for a wee li'l lass, and to me waiting to find out made even more sense because of that. When you hold your child for the first time, when you look into each others eyes, how could one possibly be disappointed with the gender you "got"?

    As for clothes and nursery... The clothes, like malk said, you really only need rompers and sleepsuits the first few weeks. You'll get tons of pressies from your friends and family when your baby's born, and the ones who bought us girlie stuff waited until after birth. The cute tutus and dresses, or suspenders and bow ties will have to wait for a few months. Most of that isn't made for kiddie's younger than 3 months anyway! Now, I did have a stash of clothes for Roo that I've collected over the years. Whenever I've seen an enchantingly beautiful dress, or an exceptional little fur coat, I've bought it. And I did do some shopping while preggers... nothing wrong with that. And I bought some very cute boy stuff I'll save for the next one, or give away to my next friend/family member who has a lad.
    I'm not very into the big gender divide in nurseries, I want it to be sweet and cosy. If Dita had been a boy, the nursery would look the same. It's not like she cares right now anyway... Her nursery has a fairytale wall mural, lots of teddies, books, toys in baskets, a dresser, huge mirror, a few pictures on the wall, lace curtains, fairy lights and a very comfy velvet chair. Some of the most adorable dresses I've hung on the wall.
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    We waited. It was exciting and fun to be surprised! Also, if you plan on having more children, I personally think it's better to get gender-neutral stuff anyway so you can reuse it. You don't want to have to waste money on a 2nd high chair, stroller, Pack n Play, etc. Before our daughter was born, I hung yellow curtains in the nursery and bought plain white bedding (it's more practical - babies are messy, sometimes you need to bleach things!) and I just put stuffed animals and photos of our family around to make it look more cheerful. Now the room looks totally girly and cute, but all I really did was buy a pink quilt for the daybed and hung up some of her special outfits on the wall (christening gown, mermaids halloween costume, easter dress). Also, you don't need to worry about clothes. In those first few weeks, you won't be putting them in those adorable little outfits anyway. Onesies will be your best friends, so buy lots of those! Your friends and family will buy you tons of gender-appropriate clothes after. We went home from the hospital will so much more stuff than we brought with us because everyone had to bring our daughter a little outfit.

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    I've often thought what our preference will be, we are trying for our first. Sometimes I think I'd definitely want to keep it as a surprise as i like the element of the surprise and the suspense. And it does seem a little like opening your presents before Christmas Day if you find out. It would also be a lot of fun guessing the gender with family and friends... But i also like the idea of my partner revealing whether we have a daughter or a son as soon as baby is born (rather than the doctor/nurse annoucing it). And a big positive, I'd get to choose more potential names!
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    We found out and I will do so next time, too.
    It made the pregnancy seem a bit more real - it's the one thing you can find out about your baby. I don't get the whole "it ruins the surprise" thing. You either get the surprise at 20 weeks or 40(ish), the only difference is when.

    I also don't see the sex of the baby as that big a deal. It does influence what I'd name them but I loathe the whole pink=girl, boy=blue schtick. Babies are babies - they're not programmed by their genitals and you don't need to dress them in certain colours and treat them differently.
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    We were going to wait, but after talking about nursery ideas and looking at clothes, and being overwhelmed with so many name choices, we decided to find out. We just found out last Monday we were having a girl and immediately went out and bought all sorts of cute little girl items! It was a lot of fun for us! Plus, it gave me something fun to look forward to during the middle of the pregnancy. And our list of all the thousands of possible names out there was cut in half! I understand the excitement in waiting to find out, but find out early was the right choice for us. **little girl due on Halloween

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