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    She chose her own name!

    This isn't my baby, it's the baby of the lady that cuts my hair but I thought the name and story were interesting so I figured I'd post it here! My hairdresser had a dream that her baby wanted to be named Jolie Mercedes (and Mercedes is her god-mother's name) and she thought her baby was speaking to her and saying that's what she wanted to be named so she went with it. I personally am too selfish to give my baby a say in their name haha, but she's obviously nicer than me! I like the name a lot which surprises me because it's not really my style. What do you guys think? And would you let your baby pick if you thought your baby was speaking to you through a dream?
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    Depends if my baby picked a good name

    I never had any dreams when I was pregnant, but since then I have had dreams that I had a 2nd baby. Once the baby was named Violet. Once she was named Rita Pearl. I thought Rita Pearl was especially interesting as I'd never had Rita on my list at all.

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    How lovely! Your hairdresser is a wonderful mama
    I am with you in being selfish because I love names too much. To be serious, I had a list of 2 names and saw which one fitted my daughter best. So I can say she(or her appearance) had a word in picking the name, ha ha.

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    I only dreamt of babies twice while I was pregnant. The first dream was very vivid. In the dream, the baby was a boy (we didn't find out the gender ahead of time) and we named him Patrick (which was the name we picked for a boy.) It was a funny dream because in it I had the baby a week before my due date, then when my due date rolled around it dawned on us that no one knew we had the baby because it was early. I guess we just didn't tell anyone LOL! The second dream was really short. The baby was a girl and we named her Lawrence after my husband's dad. That was the whole dream. In real life, the baby was a girl but we most definitely did not name her Lawrence! Her name is Maura Lucille.

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    If I ever had a dream like that while I was pregnant, I would consider the name based on how much I liked it. Just because it would be a neat story to say that my daughter named herself, haha. I happen to love Jolie, but not Mercedes, so I might keep the first and ditch the middle in this case.

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