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    Freya in the midwest US?

    I love the name Freya (everything about it - the sound, the simplicity, the origin, the meaning, the fact that it's popular in my favorite countries besides the US) but I had never heard of it before naming/mythology websites and at first I didn't know how to pronounce it because here in the midwestern US it's completely unheard of. Would you still use it if you knew not only would no one know how to pronounce/spell it, but they wouldn't have even heard of it? Does the appeal of the goddess origin go away if no one knows about it?
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    I would still use it. I'm in the western US and I think the pronunciation is pretty straight forward. I don't think people would have too much difficulty with it. As for people not knowing the origin, I don't think it detracts, Freya is lovely and rather unique in the US. It's a great choice!
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    I think Freya is a lovely name and you should use it if you like. If no-one in your area know the names, they will learn how to say and spell it as your little Freya grows and then she will have a unique name as well. And, in my view, the appeal still exists even if no-one knows.
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    I am originally from the Midwest and I definitely think Freya would work, it's easy to pronounce and distinctive. I don't think the appeal goes away w/out knowing the meaning. I love Freya! I say go for it!

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    I think Freya is great.
    I think pronunciation won't be a problem, although spelling might. But it's actually pretty easy to spell too so I feel like it would be a really easy fix if people don't know the spelling as opposed to using a traditionally spelled Irish name where the spelling is not at all intuitive.

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