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    Love Adeline Cruz! Adeline's on my own list. Cleo's nice, just not my thing.
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    Tough call. I like the sleekness of Cleo, but Adeline is so lyrical. If it were me, I would go with Cleo, since I know SO many Addies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kashed22 View Post
    Adeline and Cleo are very different names to me. Adeline is sweet,vintage and popular. Cleo is strong, spunky yet sleek and sophistucated and more distinctive. I would love to meet a little Cleo, it's such a cool name. I really like the alliteration of Cleo Cruz! My only suggestion would be to change the spelling to Clio, it means "glory" and Clio was the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry as opposed to Cleo being short for Cleopatra. I think it gives the name more weight and substance, IMHO.
    All of this! I've recently started to fall for Cleo and Clio. The meaning/history behind Clio is very persuasive, but i'm still torn myself which I'd be more likely to use. Either way, great name!
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    Adeline Cruz flows much better and I like the way the two names look on the page. Cleo Cruz is too short.
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    My personal favorite would be Clio Adeline, pronounced -leen.

    Btw, in Spain and Portugal, the name Cruz, meaning cross, is feminine only, and is pronounced Cruth.

    Best of luck naming your precious girl!

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