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    Please give a vote and feedback on these mn combos (take two)

    ** Sorry I misswrote one of the names on the other poll by mistake and had to redo it!

    Could you please vote for one of these name combos? If you don't like any of them, please select the one you dislike the least.

    Lux is after my partners brother, Luke. Both our boys have Greek middlenames, so we've tried to continue this somewhat (with some exception).

    We pronounce Rosalin as Rose-a-lin, which I know is wrong in English - but correct in my native language.

    Rosalin Araminta Lux
    Rosalin Athena Lux
    Rosalin Euphemia Lux
    Rosalin Evangeline Lux
    Rosalin Flora Lux
    Rosalin Ilithyia Lux (Pronounced:
    Rosalin Ophelia Lux
    Rosalin Penelope Lux

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