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    Birth Announcements From Where I Live!

    Here's my round-up of the birth announcements in the county I live in within England. These are all names given to babies since December 2012. Hopefully this will give you some idea of the naming trends that are happening right now!

    The Isabelles
    ~ Izabella Rose Fiona
    ~ Isabella Emillie Grace [Sister to Alanna]
    ~ Isabelle Charlotte [Sister to Benjamin]

    The Darcys
    ~ Darcey Rose
    ~ Darcy Angel [Sister to Charlotte, Harrison, Bethany & Rhianna]

    The Traditionals
    ~ Matthew James
    ~ Joseph David
    ~ Joseph George
    ~ Alexander Thomas [Brother to Xavier]
    ~ Harry Edward John [Brother to Jack]
    ~ George
    ~ James [Brother to Daniel & Matthew]

    The Alliterations
    ~ Libby Louise [Sister to Matthew]
    ~ Macey May [Sister to Freya]

    The Modern-Sounding Ones
    ~ TWINS Morgan & Mason
    ~ Beck (boy)
    ~ Sienna Mae
    ~ Casper Richard [Brother to Archie & Rollo]
    ~ Mason Paul
    ~ Alfie Jayden [Brother to Samuel & Jacob]
    ~ Rilee
    ~ Travis James

    The Nicknamey First Names
    ~ Ellie Grace
    ~ Archie
    ~ Alfie [Brother to Bethany, Melissa, Chloe & Emily]
    ~ Robbie [Brother to Tasha]
    ~ Josh Edward

    The Differently-Spelled Ones
    ~ Conor Benjamin
    ~ Elouise

    ...And The Rest!
    ~ Layla
    ~ Reuben Thomas
    ~ Chloe Mia
    ~ Ruby Fern
    ~ Sophia Rose [Sister to Gracie Lucia]
    ~ Isla
    ~ Lucas John
    ~ Gracie-Rose Elizabeth
    ~ Dylan James

    What do you think?
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    They all sound pretty standard to me, but at least none are too trendy with butchered spellings. My favorite is probably Ruby Fern.

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    Ooh, Reuben Thomas has been floating around in my head for awhile - nice to see it actually being used!
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    LOVE Beck and Caspar. Darcy is also a definite maybe for me!

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