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Thread: Bfp

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    It only took one month of trying (post-surgery) to get the POSITIVE we've been waiting for for 2 years!!!!! I am over the moon and still in a little bit of shock.

    I realize it's still very early. I would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts for a healthy, successful pregnancy! Online due date calendar says Feb. 19th is the lucky day....

    Any suggestions of expecting mom threads to join? I've never really delved into that so I don't know where to start. Thanks all!
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    Awww. congratulations, sweetie! How wonderful! I wish you all the best for your pregnancy, and I will light candles for you. Lots of hugs!
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    Congratulations!! Sending you tons of positive thoughts and prayers for a great pregnancy and a healthy baby next February!

    Threads...the general pregnancy one is still around, then there's a thread for Sept-Dec moms, and I saw someone just started a January 2014 thread that will hopefully be picking up some new posters soon. Chime in on any of those, nobody is a stickler if you post on several. If you're looking for other sites...I go to the birth month boards on babycenter and the bump occasionally. They can be fun, but they're also huge groups and I think it's harder to connect with others and you run into a fair amount of snark...I prefer the momberry boards.
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    Congrats to you Tintri! What happy news. I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!
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    How wonderful! Congratulations!!
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