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    Are any of these sweet-spot names?

    Names that are heard of but not used a lot? Like a name that most people would recognize and understand but would still stand out from the crowd. Are these names too obscure (or too popular) or do they fit that category?

    Clio (like the muse, not like a nn for Cleopatra)
    Felicity ~ Calista ~ Claudia ~ Beatrice "Betty" ~ Carlotta ~ Millie ~ Cora ~ Audrey ~ Violet

    Calvin ~ Jude ~ Miles ~ Oliver ~ Roscoe ~ Benjamin ~ Leo ~ Adrian ~ Isaac ~ Colin

    Please rate my namelist!

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    Sweet Spot Names

    Love 'Violet'. Would use it myself, but last name starts with D.

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    Really like all those - favourites being Violet and Freya. Camilla in England is quite popular - I have met quite a few but I have never met a Calista!

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    I really adore all of these with the exception of Freya, it feels a little too obscure, I guess and I can't imagine it flowing well in a full name, though it could be lovely if paired right. I like Clio especially given the reference point.

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    I like Calista! I think both Violet and Camila are very pretty, but more popular than you would think.

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