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    Planning ahead for baby #2 (Possible brother for Margaret)

    My husband and I are working on a second pregnancy (our daughter, Margaret Ruth, was born last year) and we're starting to zero in on a very short names list. We've been pretty settled on a girls' name (Margaret was almost Anne/Annie and we still hope to use that for a second daughter) but the field of boys' names is a bit more wide open. In terms of matching with siblings, Margaret goes by lots of nicknames, but generally Maggie is the one that has stuck the most so far.

    Top names of the moment are:

    Robert (Bobby)
    Hugh (Huey)

    Other names we have on the longer list but have either fallen in favor recently or are really only exciting to one of us:

    Joseph (Joe)
    James (Jimmy)
    Edward (Ned)
    Charles (Charlie)
    Casper (Cap)

    Mom to:

    Margaret Ruth (born October 2012)
    Anne Marcella (born December 2014)
    Peter Bartholomew (born June 2017)

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    I think they could all work with Margaret.
    But I prefer:

    Margaret and George

    Margaret and James

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    Robert (Bobby)- A bit dated to me.
    Hugh (Huey)- Love, love, love. This is one of those vintage names that truly needs to come back. I had a friend named Hugh growing up, and he was everything a Hugh should be: intelligent, sensitive, and gentlemanly. I'm not really a fan of Huey, though. (I also much prefer Hugh to Hugo)
    George- This has just never done it for me.
    Joseph (Joe)- Love. I know a lot of Josephs, but it's one of those classics. No matter when you use this name, it will never seem dated.
    James (Jimmy)- There's so much I love about James, but its popularity puts me off a bit. I know a number of young Jameses... But it does make me think of my childhood crush, Jimmy Stewart (I'm not that old... I just loved old movies, and I guess older men ).
    Edward (Ned)- This may be my favourite so far. I'm not a big fan of Edward. Actually, I much prefer Edison.... However, Ned is a spectacular nickname. It's a tad quirky in all the right ways. Love this so much...
    Charles (Charlie)- Just so overdone lately...
    Casper (Cap)- Love Casper, but not the nickname Cap. The Friendly Ghost has never put me off to this name (why should it when people are naming their kids after vampires and werewolves?). The more I've read about the Magi, and the meaning of the 'magi', the cooler this name has become. Especially since many think they were Zoroastrian priests... just wicked cool stuff. For uniqueness and style, this is my fav on your list.

    So, my choice would have to depend on your surname... but my top 3 would be Caspar, Hugh, and Ned.
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    I love Robert though I'm partial to Robby/Rob over Bobby/Bob. My toddler is named so I highly recommend that one.
    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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