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Thread: Hazel or Eliza

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    Hazel or Eliza

    Hahaha - And I thought I had decided.... previously, on "Name That Baby"...

    Dh and I had settled on Hazel June. He was definitely more settled than me on it. Our "backup" name has always been Eliza. I pushed hard for Eliza about 6 years ago when we first thought about babies. But then my love waned a bit, or it didn't feel as fresh to me. But now, I'm thinking maybe it's more the name than Hazel, which I really really like, but in the back of my mind feels a bit fusty still. While Eliza in the back of my mind feels a bit common. Dh likes both and says he doesn't have a preference but reminds me that I talked him into Eliza and then tried to talk him out of it (yep, sounds like me), and now am again putting it back on the table.

    This is possibly just me freaking out about picking a name. I suggested to Dh that we keep these two and decide when the baby's born, but he's pushing hard for a decision. He doesn't want to leave it to the last minute, but is reluctantly letting me open up the conversation again. His patience is wearing thin on my waffling about names.

    So just a quick poll (my first, so I hope this works) - which do you prefer: Eliza June or Hazel June?

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    I think both names are really great. So just wait until you meet her...

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    I voted for Eliza, but it was a close vote. I actually like Hazel and I don't think it sounds the least bit fusty. I would be a little concerned that while Hazel doesn't quite meet the definition of "trendy," it is part of a trendy style family. That doesn't bother me too much, but I still chose Eliza; it seems a bit more immune to changes in tastes through the decades. Both names are lovely. Good luck.
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    I voted for Eliza June. Hazel June sounds a little like a description.

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    I picked Eliza, but it was a close call. They're both lovely names!
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